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Fire Sprikler Installation and upgrde
Sprinkler upgrade at FMC RSAIntroducing FACN's Fire Protection and Racking Project at Fresenius Medical Care in cooperation with Universal Storage Sys ...
FROM: Fire Access Control Networks Pty Ltd - 2024-01-11

7 Stars Who The World Cup May Be Missing
The 2018 World Cup is already shaping up to be one of the more turbulent tournaments in recent memory. There's no Holland or Italy to start with, and ...
FROM: GBN Online - 2018-05-09

Betway Introduces 125% First Deposit Offer
The thrill of watching your favourite team scoring thewinning goal, or your star player knocking out their opponent in a nail-bitingmatch is even more ...
FROM: GBN Online - 2017-10-18

Mid 2016 Online Gambling Regulation Update
April 2016 was the month when the South African government took a blow at online gambling and hopes that players will be able to freely gamble online ...
FROM: GBN Online - 2016-05-19

Illegal land-based Gambling and its Effects
People love to gamble, that is just a fact. And when done within limits and within a budget that doesn’t harm the financial wellbeing of the perso ...
FROM: GBN Online - 2016-02-26

The biggest gambling destinations in Gauteng
Gauteng is the most populous province in South Africa. 13.2 million of South Africa’s 54.9 million citizens live in Gauteng, which is almost a q ...
FROM: GBN Online - 2016-02-26

What is the SA Gambling Industry Worth?
The gambling industry of South Africa and if the past few years taught us anything it will only keep growing. Compared to the not so distant past wher ...
FROM: GBN Online - 2016-02-26

Repaying Debt
Legal consequences of defaulting on debt obligations.If a consumer has any problems repaying their debts, the first thing to do is to contact the cred ...
FROM: OVAG Int. SA - 2014-06-02

Women consistently better at managing their credit than men
The Credit Bureau Association (CBA) today released statistics revealing that despite accounting for the majority of South Africa's almost 20 million c ...
FROM: OVAG Int. SA - 2014-05-21

National credit act - amendment bill
Credit Providers contract various Service Providers and Agents in the Credit Risk and Recoveries process such as, but not limited to: Attorneys, Debt ...
FROM: OVAG Int. SA - 2014-04-09

Efficient and Effective Debt Collection
There are very few people in this world that enjoy calling people asking for repayment on outstanding loans. There is an art to making that call, a pr ...
FROM: OVAG Int. SA - 2014-03-07

Current issues surrounding EAO's
With all the current issues surrounding EAO's we at OVAG still believe that they are a powerful tool in a debt collector's arsenal. It also provides t ...
FROM: OVAG Int. SA - 2014-02-12

Ethical Debt Collections
In the main collections is a volume driven business. The margins are small (as prescribed by annexure B to the regulations relating to Debt collectors ...
FROM: OVAG Int. SA - 2014-01-29

Five tips to assist you in your debt collection process
The festive season is upon us, the tills are ringing up record sales. Shopping baskets are bulging over; eateries are doing brisk trade with all the C ...
FROM: OVAG Int. SA - 2014-01-04

How can debt collections achieve success in this challenging industry?
With inflation and a credit crunch the average consumer is balancing who to pay first.  Collectors walk a difficult tightrope. They need to col ...
FROM: OVAG Int. SA - 2013-12-04

Debt Collection Merchants
The Shylocks of the Business SectorWithin the last few years we have been witness to a major financial crisis which is not only resilient in terms of ...
FROM: OVAG Int. SA - 2013-11-20

Outdoor Event Branding using Printed Shade Cloth
Are looking for outdoor event branding? Well, look no further than printed shade cloth. It is durable, versatile and extremely cost-effective. Use ...
FROM: Printed Shadenet Solutions - 2013-08-30

South African Printed Shadenet Suppliers
Are you looking for an alternative way to build brand presence? Are you looking for shadenet suppliers?  South Africa was one of the first co ...
FROM: Printed Shadenet Solutions - 2013-08-28

Sports Marketing with Printed Shade Cloth
Sports marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry and everyone, from giants like Nike and Adidas, down to the smallest guys, need to think about b ...
FROM: Printed Shadenet Solutions - 2013-08-26

Branded Shadenet for Construction Site Marketing
Printed shadenet for construction site branding is a very popular medium - and for good reason too! Popular amongst construction companies for man ...
FROM: Printed Shadenet Solutions - 2013-08-23

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