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Contact Name: Andre Myburgh
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Description: Don’t just get what you paid for Technology issues don’t need to weigh you down Need IT support that is affordable, reliable and most importantly that arrives on the same day Do you service your own car? Then why are you servicing your own IT environment? Call the experts today for hassle free IT support services Are you a small business or home office paying through the nose for IT support, purely because you don’t understand this whole technology business? DSS Consulting has been established to offer technology services to the man on the street, we understand that you need IT support that is affordable, available and leaves you with a sense of ease. We also appreciate that you don’t need to have to understand how a combustion engine works to be able to drive a car, so why waste all your time trying to figure out your technology environment. With DSS Consulting you are assured of a team of experts that understand that your IT needs are the very lifeblood of your organisation. We offer a range of services from desktop support, through to network design, installation and support. Our team of experts are able to provide training services, as well as help your company drive down the costs of its IT investments. Our ethos is hinged around our ability to deliver above and beyond our client’s expectations. So if you pay for an hour we will not only fix your existing problem but will provide useful tips and hints around bettering your IT environment, our advice is free! Join us on Facebook forquestions, service specials and feedback on what will always be excellent service: Please forward this email to all the people on your contact list? It will be most aprecited. Remove the day-to-day hassle of IT support, turn to a trusted service provider with a number of years experience in the game. At DSS Consulting we provide… Data Protection Is your data secure? In the unfortunate event of a systems crash how quickly can you recover your data, if at all? DSS Consulting will design a tailored backup and storage system that ensures the quick and easy retrieval of your data without having to pay a fortune for the privilege. Data and system Security With our growing reliance on technology we place more and more information into the hands of our systems. Are your systems secure? Or are they vulnerable to attacks from both internal and external threats? Network Support In this data age, working in isolation is just not an option. Who do you call when your network falls over? And how quickly do they respond? Call us for network design, installation and support for your home and small office network. Training Mentoring Coaching Tired of calling the IT GUY for every little problem? Become a power user and handle small problems and support issues by yourself. Take advantage of our one-on-one training offerings that will enable you to empower your users and ultimately shave costs. Desktop support Tired of hearing… “I can’t print”… We offer superior desktop support for both hardware and software related queries, both onsite and by phone. You won’t have to waste hours trying to fix small problems when you should be dedicating your time to running your own business. Internet Services Still living in the Internet Dark Ages without a website? Or did your website fall off the ark? If so call us to come and asses your Internet hosting, Website design and Website hosting needs. Solution design Are you spending too much on your IT Solutions? Have you assessed your environment and ensured that what you have is what you need. Our team will asses and design a tailor-made IT environment that provides you what you need at what you can afford. Licensing Software licensing needn’t be the millstone that hangs around your neck. Let DSS Consulting do a software audit of your IT environment and ensure that your licensing is up to date and that you won’t find yourself in hot water. Business Software Solutions, Sales and Training Are you a small business with big business needs? Let DSS Consulting advise you on the best small business software solutions to meet your exact needs. We will not only help you select the best solution, but will implement, maintain and support it for you while at the same time ensuring your staff are, through training and mentoring, able to use it to the best of its ability. Driver downloads Can’t find the drivers you need? Allow DSS remove the headache of downloading drivers for your hardware. We know where to get them, how to get them, and which are the right drivers to support your hardware. General support Can’t get the IT GUY out quick enough? DSS Consulting provides first line telephone support and well as 24x7 call out services because we understand that not being able to connect, work, or access your systems is simply not an option. For a full list of technical services and proficiencies contact us today. Office: +27 82 469 5997
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