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Why Do You Need A Marketing Department?


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The main reason why most people need someone to market their business for them is the time it takes to spread the word about your business.

There are so many ways of doing this, but it does take time and the results of marketing do not happen overnight, it can take, days, weeks or even months for the effects to start showing.

The fastest way to get your website up on the first page of Google is through paid advertising. This normally takes 12 to 24 hours to be processed and your site goes to the top of the first page.

Being on the first page is vital if you want to see any form of return on the investment you make in any form of advertising, otherwise you would just be wasting money.

How I work is the following:

1. I focus on Development of your website and make it easy to use.
2. I create valuable content that your visitors find useful and can use in practice.
3. I find similar sites and add links to your website.
4. I create documents, letters and advertising which I distribute on the internet.
5. I source forms of traffic and funnel these back to your website.

Website Design

• If you do not have your own website, I can create one at cost.
• I help you choose the most relevant domain name for your products/services.
• I set up a Blog for news feeds from your site.
• I do Keyword research and fill the website with content relevant to your product.
• I create custom landing pages that capture the visitor’s details. It then sends them to your website and creates more traffic.
• I create a business profile for your business, which I distribute to 30 or more business directories in and around your area.
• I create custom email templates; I use these to market to existing and new customers through the website.
• I create Content for Classified sites and post to them weekly.


1. I draft articles and post them out to the 20 most popular article directories once a week.
2. I create Blog posts for your business according to relevant keywords and post it to the Blog once a week.
3. I post any additional content you may have to your Blog once a week.
4. I post to the major social networks once a week. I tag photos, tweet relevant messages and like pages and business similar and relevant to your industry.


• I forward Articles to the top 20 Article site to get links back to your website weekly.
• I submit your Blog to the top 20 Social bookmarking sites to get more exposure for your business every week.
• I submit Blog Content to the 10 most popular Blog Networks to increase the spread of your Company Information every week.
• I submit the classified adverts I create to the top 10 classified sites in your area every week.


1. I maintain your Google Adwords Account every week.
2. I manage Yahoo Advertising.
3. I manage Bing Advertising.
4. I link your site to the local directories such as Ananzi and Aardvark.
5. I create emails and send these out to an email list monthly.
6. I send out a newsletter once a month.

All of these avenues of advertising take time an effort to set up and maintain.

I work strictly according to a schedule and maintain client communication whenever I have any problems, need advice, more information or need to provide feedback.

I track and monitor campaigns through software applications. Reports of activity go out on a monthly basis.

The whole aim of marketing the way I do it is to move you away from spending money on paid advertising through Google. When your website is set up the right way, you get visitors to your site without having to pay, it should happen naturally through searches on Search engines.

Please email me at to answer any questions you may have.

Date Posted: 2012-03-08
Posted By: VMarke Seo Marketing
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