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Managing Director of Way With Words Group, Adam Kossowski, speaks to us about a unique business service in South Africa in an industry unknown by many that grows year-on-year globally

What makes a South African start-up company, Way With Words Transcription, the global leader in English language transcription?

Our starting point is our brand that reflects our key principles: quality, efficiency and professionalism.  These principles are founded on our investment in people and key-point company structures that drive our growth.

Management and who we recruit to transcribe for us are critical to our business success. We have a number of processes in place and take a lot of time to select who can work for us from around the world. On average we accept between 2 to 5 applicants out of every thousand monthly applications.
On the other hand Way With Words have also created industry-leading proprietary software for transcription workflow that allows us to seamlessly integrate the transcription process from the moment of a client-booking to the return of a client’s transcript all online.

How can Way With Words afford to focus on only one service and one language seeing that the broad majority of transcription services tend to cover other languages and activities such as copy typing?

Exactly for that reason.  Way With Words achieves this singular focus with our proven business model, by our excellent client reputation in many parts of the world, and by establishing precedence as to what is actually required of a reliable transcription service for meeting the client’s ultimate need: the provision of a transcript that represents, in both accurate text and precision of meaning, dictations or discussions recorded.

You can imagine how vital the quality of the transcript is in countless situations: from law courts where meaning can make the difference to case outcomes; to an interview with a politician where the misrepresentation of what was meant could sway voters or cause a major media frenzy; even to a business decision where an inaccurate transcript could play a key influence in a decision based on what was spoken during a confidential boardroom meeting.

You mention “English”. Does Way With Words not provide transcription in other languages?

Over time, the company may consider the provision of transcription services in other languages. However, it is critically important to point out that the enormous success of the Way With Words Transcription worldwide is our ability to secure an extremely high quality transcript, precisely because of our focus on a singular core service.  We invest in professionalism throughout the employment, management and workflow cycles of English language transcription. This requires our complete confidence in the calibre of trained employees based on our ability to recognise them, not as mere typist, but as highly trained English-language professionals. This same key principle of elite professional exclusivity will need to be carefully applied if and when Way With Words considers entry into other languages as a transcription service provider of choice.

Is translation, then, not the same as transcription really?

Not at all. Translation is the interpretation of meaning from one language into another, in written text, spoken words, or audio recordings. Transcription, on the other hand, is the typed record of audio discussions. Our Way With Words’ approach, though, takes this a step further than the mere typing of audio by recognising and putting into place a number of key measures to skilfully manage the large variances in expression, accent, business or industry terminology and more, in just one core language: English.

What about typing, copy typing, data capturing? Are these not what transcribers do?

The confusion as to what transcription is or should be really comes from a combination of things: by a lack of public awareness of the basic differences between transcription and other typing activities; by the fact that the majority of home-based or small transcription operators often have to revert to various other income-generating activities in order to supplement their transcription income; and, perhaps most challenging to overcome, by a general lack of recognition of transcription as a professional  industry, other than perhaps with medical and legal transcription. Way With Words’ transcribers are trained and contracted only to transcribe, and hence again, our singular focus resulting in top quality.

You say you have clients worldwide. Can you give some examples?

Presently, almost 95% of our clients are global.  We service a vast range of client types – from individuals to major corporations -- in a variety of countries including the United Kingdom, continental Europe, the United States, Canada, and increasingly, Australia, the Middle East and Far East. Our clients come from a complete cross-section of industry and service such as academia, law, media, research, business, manufacturing, and development.

Way With Words provides transcriptions for some well-known international companies including the Financial Times, The Mail & Guardian, News International, Saatchi and Saatchi, Sky News and Sky Sports, World Health Organisation, International Criminal Court Tribunals, Shell, UK Government, Welsh Assembly, NHS (UK), Credit Suisse, HSBC, and many more.

Here in South Africa we provide transcription to most of the major universities, some government departments, and corporate businesses such as Sasol, Checkers, Investec, Werksmans, Standard Chartered Bank, the CCMA and many others.

Undeniably, our clients are varied, but all require, and receive, the same exact thing: a quality assured transcript.

To find out more, visit our South African services at or our global site at

Date Posted: 2011-11-07
Posted By: Way With Words
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