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Screenprinting Ink for Printing on Shade Cloth


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Shadenet Ink provides affordable screenprinting ink for printing on shade cloth and exports around the world from South Africa. If you are looking to start a company that provides printed shade cloth you will need some quality screenprinting ink for printing on shade cloth which you can buy from Shadenet Ink.Screenprinting Ink for Printing on Shade Cloth

Screen printing is a printing process using woven mesh (usually silk) which supports an ink stencil of some kind. Ink passes through the mesh but is blocked by the stencil, creating a negative of whatever shape you used to block the ink. Silkscreens and screen-printing have been around in China since the Song Dynasty which lasted from 960 to 1279 AD.

Screenprinting can be so much more than just a decorative or artistic hobby, there is a business opportunity there as well.

With Shadenet Ink you can create logos in almost any colour on HDPE or PVC shade cloth, which are often used at sports events, outdoor events and on construction sites. If you’ve ever been to construction site you might have noticed all the shade cloth covering the scaffolding and perimeter fences.

This serves two purposes: firstly, to cover unsightly scaffolding and secondly, it makes the site look neat, tidy and uniform, as well as donning the logo of the company. Unlike billboards, where you pay for advertising space, companies can erect shadenetting in the areas they work for free, making it a viable and inexpensive branding solution.

All you need to start a shade cloth printing business is a shade cloth supplier, a silkscreen and Shadenet Ink, which is available immediately for export to your country. The beauty of of being able to screen print with Shadenet Ink is that you do not have massive overheads and so, as an entrepreneur, you can start as small or as big as you like and build from there. You do not even need a factory as you can screenprint in your back yard.

Shadenet Ink is a petroleum by-product and is level 2 recyclable, making it a green option for your company. If you would like more information about screenprinting ink for printing on shade cloth visit the Shadenet Ink website. You will find all the information, contact details, news and images you need to get started with shade cloth printing.

Date Posted: 2012-02-17
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
Listed under these Business Listing Categories: Advertising, Building and construction,

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