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Ink for Printing on HDPE Shadecloth


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There is a new material that can be used for large advertising awnings; a new substance which renders the use of PVC for shade cloth unnecessary, because it is stronger, longer lasting in direct sunlight and, most importantly, cheaper. It is called High-density polyethylene (or HDPE for short) and is the new material that has revolutionized the shade cloth industry. All you need now is ink for printing on HDPE shade cloth.

ink for printing on HDPE shade cloth

HDPE is a petroleum by-product and can also be recycled, which should keep all the green conscious companies out there happy. The bond between the molecules of this man-made substance are much stronger than those of PVC, which was always traditionally used for shade cloth.


The problem with HDPE is that because of its make-up it has an oily surface which is almost impossible for inks and dyes to adhere to. Shadenet Ink have, however, created an ink which sticks to the oily substrate meaning that you can now print onto its surface and create branding shade cloth in a variety of colours for a variety of companies.


Shadenet Ink exports their specially designed pigment solution so that entrepreneurs around the world can set up their own shade cloth printing businesses.

The beauty of Shadenet Ink is that it can be applied using a spray gun or even something as simple as a silkscreen. Because all you need is a silkscreen, shade cloth and Shadenet Ink, there is no massive startup cost involved. You can order as much or as little as you wish, depending on demand. With low overheads (there is no need to have a factory) you can start small and build your shade cloth printing business at your own pace, without having to owe anyone, like a bank, large amounts of money.


If you would like more information about ink for printing on HDPE shade cloth then go to the Shadenet Ink website ( for all the information, news, images and contact details you need to start up your own shade cloth printing business.

Date Posted: 2012-02-08
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
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