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Print On HDPE Shade Cloth


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Having the ability to print on HDPE shade cloth opens up many business, and personal, opportunities to almost anyone, almost anywhere. HDPE shade cloth has a wide range of uses and is a very popular form of branding and advertising in many industries. Not only can it be used for commercial use, but also home use like family birthdays, events etc. Having the right tools to print onto HDPE shade cloth is important though, which means good strong HDPE and a quality dye like Shadenet Ink.

Printed shade cloth has been used in many outdoor and sporting events like the Durban July, the Comrades Marathon, the Two Oceans Marathon as well as the Cape Argus Cycle Race. HDPE shade cloth is also very popular on construction sites where it is used for scaffolding wraps as well as perimeter fences. Shade cloth can also be used to shelter objects and make car ports.

With such a wide range of uses one can easily see that the market is big enough to start a commercial HDPE shade cloth printing business.

print on hdpe shade cloth

HDPE is stronger than the more traditionally used PVC but it had one major flaw; its surface is too oily to print onto. Conventional inks could not stick to its surface and so it was only used as simple, unbranded shade cloth, until Shadenet Ink found a solution. With their specially formulated Ink which is available for export, they were able to print onto HDPE, which is not only stronger, but actually cheaper than PVC. Another great thing about HDPE is that is it recyclable and eco-friendly.

The Ink can be applied using a spray gun or a simple silkscreen, meaning that you do not need any major machinery, and therefore any major capitol, to start a HDPE shade cloth printing business. You can buy small amounts of Ink to start with and build your business as the demand for it increases. This makes Shadenet Ink the perfect product for both small entrepreneurs and larger companies looking to print on a larger, more corporate scale.

For more information about Shadenet Ink, visit the website (, where you will find news, images as well as contact and ordering information.

Date Posted: 2012-01-26
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
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