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How to Print on Shade Cloth


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There is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a niche market that has a constant demand. Shade cloth is used extensively on construction sites, outdoor events and sports events as a form of company branding and advertising. Knowing how to print on shade cloth is a skill that could turn out to be rather lucrative depending on the scale of the business you decide to create.

how to print on shade cloth

With Shadenet Ink, which can be imported from South Africa, you have a product that can be used to print onto HDPE (an alternative to the more expensive PVC) using a spray gun or even a very simple silkscreen. This allows anyone who wants to learn how to print on shade cloth and start a career to start a business with very little capital or overheads. Because you donít have much of a start-up cost there is less risk involved.

All you need is a silkscreen, Shadenet Ink, and HDPE shade cloth. The simplicity of the actual printing process means you do not need complex machinery or a factory and printing can be done from home initially.

Shadenet Ink comes in almost every colour and mixing colours to create others is a simple process. Once you have the ink you need to find a good quality shade cloth. The perfect material for shade cloth is HDPE, because it is stronger than PVC and last longer in direct sunlight.

Traditionally the HDPE shade cloth was too oily for the Ink to adhere to its surface, making it impossible for printing onto, but Shadenet Ink is the solutions to this problem. By printing onto HDPE instead of PVC you also save money and gain extra durability.

Once you have the basic materials as well as a silkscreen you are ready to start making designs and printing on to shade cloth. Learning how to print on shade cloth is easy and there are many easy tutorials on the internet.

Visit the Shadenet Ink website ( for more information about the product as well as the latest news, products, images and contact information. So get the material, buy the ink and start printing.

Date Posted: 2012-01-19
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
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