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Screenprinting Ink for Printing on HDPE Shadecloth


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A popular product used to create large scale branding materials is available for import from Shadenet Ink. Their screenprinting ink for printing on HDPE shadecloth is the perfect product for entrepreneurs who want to start making shadecloth branding, or for companies who wish to do in-house shade cloth printing in order to save money on advertising.

screenprinting Ink for Printing on HDPE Shadecloth

High-density polyethylene or HDPE is a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum and is commonly recyclable, making it an eco-friendly branding material. The best thing about HDPE and why it is better to use than the more traditional PVC is that it can withstand temperatures of 120 C/ 248 F for short periods and 110C /230F indefinitely. The problem with HDPE is that, unlike PVC, it had an oily surface which was very difficult to print onto because the ink would not adhere to the material.

Shadenet Ink, however, has a specially formulated screenprinting ink for printing on HDPE shadecloth, which, when dry, forms an extremely durable bond between the pigment and the HDPE shade cloth. The product is only available for import from South Africa where it was invented and is manufactured.

One of the great qualities of Shadenet Ink is that it can be applied using top of the range paint spray guns, but can also be applied with a simple, traditional silkscreen. This makes the product and the business opportunities that go with it, available to businesses and entrepreneurs at any financial level. You do not need a large capital base to start screenprinting shadecloth for outdoor events, sports events or construction sites, making it a fairly low risk business venture.

To import Shadenet Ink into your country contact them via their website ( which has great advice about screenprinting ink for printing on HDPE shadecloth as well as the latest news, information and images regarding screenprinting ink for printing on HDPE shadecloth.

Date Posted: 2012-01-12
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
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