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Water Based Screenprinting Ink for Printing on Shadenet


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If you are looking for a water based screenprinting ink for printing on shadenet (or shade cloth) then Shadenet Ink has the perfect product for you. Only available for export, Shadenet Ink is one of the best products for printing on to HDPE shade cloth, which is becoming the industry standard material. With so many outdoor events, sports events and construction companies using an abundance of shadenetting using a water based screenprinting ink for printing on shadenet is a great business opportunity.

HDPE is cheaper and stronger than the traditional material used for shadenetting (PVC), but it was always impossible to print onto because of its oily nature. Shadenet Ink has solved this problem, opening up shadentting to a much larger client base because of its durability and affordability. The ink is also eco-friendly, which is important when you are dealing with items which are displayed outdoors.

Shade cloth can be used in many different ways on for many different structures; shade tower wraps, billboards, speed-fences, advertising flags and many more. The flexibility of shade cloth allows you to produce it in almost any shape and size and with Shadenet Ink and their wide range of pigment you can create designs and logos for almost any company.

Water Based Screenprinting Ink for Printing on Shadenet

In construction it is used in the hundreds of meters for perimeter fencing and scaffolding wraps. By clothing scaffolding and fencing in the same colour and logo the construction site is given a more professional feel because of the uniformity. Construction companies also often work in high traffic areas, so there is always need for screen printed shadenet to build brand awareness.

If you are interested in importing a water based screenprinting Ink for printing on shadenet, Shadenet Ink is the perfect solution. The website is full of images, news and more information on the best uses for water based screenprinting ink for printing on shadenet. Check it out here.

Date Posted: 2011-12-13
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
Listed under these Business Listing Categories: Advertising, Building and construction,

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