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Silkscreen Ink for Printing on Shade Cloth


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One of the most effective ways to create brand awareness at outdoor events is through printed shade cloth. Shadenet Ink have created a silkscreen ink for printing on shade cloth, more specifically HDPE cloth, which was previously impossible to print onto. Shadenet’s silkscreen ink for printing on shade cloth is specifically designed to adhere to the oily surface of the HDPE and form a solid and durable bond when dry, making it possible to print onto almost any size or shape of shade cloth.

 Silkscreen Ink for Printing on Shade Cloth

You can apply Shadenet’s silkscreen ink for printing on shade cloth easily with your conventional silkscreeen, which means no serious equipment is needed to print on any HDPE shade cloth. Using a simple silkscreen you can screen print rather large patterns onto HDPE, and because there is no need to print the background colour as well (like it is with digital printing), you save a lot of Shadenet Ink.

The attraction with printing on to shade cloth is that it is present in so many high visibility situations; outdoor events, sports events and construction sites. Many big construction companies in like Haw and Inglis, Grinaker-LTA, WBHO, Basil Read and Murray & Roberts use branded shade netting. They use it for scaffolding tower wraps as well as perimeter fencing, meaning that there is a constant demand for shade cloth and thus a massive gap in the market for printing company logos on to the shade cloth.

To go about importing Shadenet Ink, the best way is to order the shade cloth in the desired colour – which could be your companies main branding colour and then buy the ink to fulfill your logo printing needs. You can go to the website ( where you will find out more information about silkscreen ink for printing on shade cloth, importing the product, as well as news, pictures and contact details.

Date Posted: 2011-12-07
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
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