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What Ink Is Best for Printing on Shade Cloth?


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What Ink Is Best for Printing on Shade ClothBecause of the demand for shade cloth at outdoor events, sports events and especially for construction sites, it makes sense to double up by using the shade cloth for advertising and branding. To print onto HDPE shade cloth, which is the most durable and cheapest shade cloth option, you need a special ink like the one produced by Shadenet Ink. It allows you to print whatever design you wish onto all of your shade cloth or shade-netting. So what Ink is best for printing on shade cloth?

Shadenet Ink for shade cloth can be applied with a simple silkscreen, making it perfect for any size venture because you donít need massive machinery to start up. You can build as your company builds with very little expenditure on assets. The ink can also be applied through a spray-gun, which would generally be used for larger projects.

The Ink is made from a water-based clear polymer with adherence properties for durable screen printing of HDPE shade net or shade cloth. The Ink is non-toxic and eco-friendly and when dry is extremely durable. It is important to let the ink dry and set before folding the shade cloth as it needs time to bond and could fracture or crack if not left to set properly.

The Ink is sold as a clear base to which you add the pigment of your choice. This allows you to use as much of a colour as you would like and you can avoid a scenario where you buy a tin of paint but only need to use half and then waste the other half. By applying a few transparent base coats you can ensure that the colour will not bleed through, and it will also make sure that you do not see text from the reverse side.

If you are looking to start a business screen printing or spray painting onto shade cloth or shade netting and you are wondering what ink is best for printing on shade cloth, then look no further than the Shadenet Ink website ( The site is filled with news, images and a lot more information about importing this great product. Now that you know what ink is best for printing on shade cloth all you need is some HDPE shade cloth and you are set.

Date Posted: 2011-12-02
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
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