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Shadenet Ink for Printing on Shadecloth


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With Shadenet's Ink for printing on shadecloth there is now an awesome opportunity to take on-site branding to another level. For companies who work or exhibit outside, like sports event companies, outdoor event companies and construction companies, printing your logo onto shadecloth is now a viable option for easy marketing using free-advertising space. Shadenet Ink screen printing ink for printing on shadecloth made of HDPE takes advantage of a previously unavailable source of advertising.
Traditionally the cloth was too oily for the Ink to adhere to it, making it useless for screen-printing logos onto, but Shadenet Ink does not have this problem. By printing onto HDPE instead of PVC you also save money and gain extra durability. HDPE shadecloth is stronger and lasts longer than PVC and it also holds up better in inclement weather.
The beauty of the Shadnet Ink is that you don't need special machinery and it can be used with traditional screen printing apparatus or from a spray gun, making it available to just about anyone. So with very little effort and capital with Shadenet Ink you can brand your logo onto as much shadecloth as you wish to display at any venue at which you are working. This makes Shadenet Ink a great business opportunity for companies who wish to do their own small-scale or big scale branding as well as companies who would like to enter into the shadecloth printing market.
Shadecloth branding is very popular in the construction and building industry as it (shadecloth) is generally already being used by the thousands of meters for perimeters etcetera, so the thinking is: we have all this open and free space for advertising that it would be a waste not to use it. By printing large logos onto shadecloth, brand identity is displayed to a wide surrounding area of passing traffic and pedestrians.
Companies understand how important brand awareness is, and Shadenet Ink for printing on shadecloth is the perfect way to create this awareness. Because the ink is water based and non-toxic it is environmentally friendly and so perfect for any area. Shadenet's Ink for printing on shadecloth is available for export on their website. Visit for more information or to order.

Date Posted: 2011-11-09
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
Listed under these Business Listing Categories: Advertising, Building and construction,

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