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Ink For Printing on Shade Cloth


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The ink for printing on shade cloth comes in a clear base manufactured by Shadenet Ink and supplied to Printed Shadenet Solutions, screen printers or spray painters worldwide who require ink for printing on shade cloth.

how to print on shade cloth
The water-based ink for printing on shade cloth produced to the correct viscosity for use just as it is in screen printing and spray painting and is environment friendly and non-toxic. For screen printing, Shadenet Ink can be thickened using normal thickener. For spray painting, the clear base Shadenet Ink for printing on shade cloth can be used as is and is best sprayed using an airless spraygun.

The market demand for printed product is usually large scale so the ink for printing on shade cloth is best suited to screen printers who have a lot of space, long tables and can handle large screens.

Shade cloth is a difficult substrate for printing on due to the oily nature of the HDPE extruded filament. It is only with Shadenet Ink that you can get a durable finish or shadenet or shade cloth.

The spray painting method for using ink for printing on shade cloth is a quick and easy way to do it as there is no setup cost, templates can be made to spray images and it dries much quicker that screen printing.  

For longer runs of printing onto shade cloth, it is hard to beat the low cost of screen printing using Shadenet Ink.

Now, screen printers and spray painters can add shadenet or shade cloth to their range of substrates using ink for printing on shade cloth from Shadenet Ink.   

So if you are looking for ink for printing on shade cloth durably then contact Printed Shadenet Solutions or Shadenet Ink.

Date Posted: 2011-10-12
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
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