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Shadenet Ink for Printing on Shadenet


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Screenprinters worldwide have historically struggled to print on HDPE shadenet which is an oily substrate. Shadenet Ink for printing on shadenet is an awesome fabric for outdoor branding and way outperforms PVC when it comes to flexibility, durability and weather resistance. Previously, there was no ink for printing on shadenet and if you used the usual ink, the adhesion was poor and it peeled and scratched off.  Shadenet Ink for printing on shadenet makes sure this no longer happens.

Shadenet Ink for Printing on Shadenet

Shadenet Ink  for printing on shadenet has been specifically formulated to work with knitted HDPE. Screenprinters and spraypainters can use it easily for branding shadenet.  It can be thickened using the usual thickener for water-based inks and thinned with a bit of water.  Best spray mechanism is using and airless spraygun for printing on shadenet.  The usual manual screenprinting works well.

Shadenet Ink  for printing on shadenet is supplied internationally to shadenet manufacturers, suppliers and converters. Some shadenet manufacturers and suppliers buy in bulk and sell the ink to their shadenet customers. The Shadenet Ink is available for export in 20 litre containers and is non-hazardous.

An excellent shadenet branding result can be achieved with basic screenprinting expertise.  Shadenet Ink for printing on shadenet is white and dries clear. Best is to use a 31 screen for good coverage and hardener on the screen so the film doesn't break up when abrasing against the shadenet.  Use a round squeegee for better coverage and a flat squeegee for better edges. 

UV/the sun is the best for drying, use hair-dryers, but be careful the maximum temperature the shadenet can withstand is about 70 degrees. But make sure the printing is properly dry before shipping. Our printers place bubble wrap over the prints to make sure it doesn't stick to itself or get scratched by the roughness of shadenet.

So if you want to be the first to capitalise on the fast-growing shadenet branding opportunity in your country, then talk to us for Shadenet Ink for printing on shadenet

Date Posted: 2011-09-27
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
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