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Screen printing Ink for Printing on Shade Cloth


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The most effective was to print on HDPE shade cloth is to use Shadenet Ink which is specifically designed for flexibility and adhesion onto the shade cloth material.  Most shade cloth is deployed in outdoor situations and exposed to harsh weather conditions and rough handling, so the ink is designed to be durable for long lasting brand exposure at events and construction sites.

Screenprinting Ink for Printing on Shade Cloth

To apply screenprinting ink for printing on shade cloth is easy using conventional screenprinting techniques and equipment. The manual system works just as well, if not better, and is ideal for large format printing of logos and branding for viewing from a distance. Using screenprinting ink for printing on shade cloth converts shade cloth into a high value item instead of being a commodity. It turns it from a single use necessity to a multiple value material.

Printing is economical using screenprinting ink for printing on shade cloth because you can use the colour shade cloth of your choice as the background and only print the areas where you want your logo. With digital printing you have to print the whole surface to get the background colour which can be very expensive.

The ideal way to do shade cloth branding using screenprinting ink for printing on shade cloth is to order the shade cloth colour of your choice to match your main corporate colour and then print sections of it where you expect to have high exposure to spectators, passing traffic (ie the strategic positions for maximising brand exposure). 

Many of the construction companies now make custom shade cloth for their perimeter temporary construction fencing and using screenprinting ink for printing on shade cloth, print their logo every 5m or so in plain simple large format one or two colour prints so that they can be seen clearly from far away.

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Date Posted: 2011-09-01
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
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