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If you want to know how to print on shadenet, continue reading to find out how easy it actually is. Using shadenet ink which is a water-based ink specifically designed for printing on shadenet, you can use your normal screenprinting or spraypainting methods. There are some simple instructions available on our website on how to print on shadenet.

Print on Shadenet 

The clear base shadenet ink is easy to apply. The only important thing is that it must dry between coats. When you print on shadenet you can decide how many coats you want to do, depending on what kind of finish you want. Fewer coats leaves the holes of the knitted HDPE shadenet open so that the wind goes through it and it retains all of its flexible qualities. It also saves you money.

When you print on shadenet to achieve a better finish, apply a few coats of shadenet ink as a base to cover the holes and give you a flat surface and then your colour coat. This will give you a fine high quality and detailed finish as the more the holes in the knitted fabric are covered, the better the image quality.  This method is ideal for detailed logos or street level uses such as outdoor event banners. By applying two coats of the clear base ink it means that the ink doesn't show through the back so you can't see the image on the reverse side of the shadenet.

You can use your own outdoor pigments and thickener with shadenet ink when working out how to print on shadenet. Mix them as you would for any other water based inks.  Ideally you want long table about 1.5m wide.  You can roll up the shadenet in between the prints and it can hang over the sides if it's too wide.

Contact Shadenet Ink if you’d like to print on shadenet.

Date Posted: 2011-08-15
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
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