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What Ink Is Best for Printing on Shade Cloth?


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I commented this week on a blog where people where asking "What Ink Is Best for Printing on Shade Cloth?".  With an increasing amount of shade cloth being used around the world as the ideal substrate for events and construction, it is a bonus to be able to print on it.

Shade cloth is usually deployed in the most strategic positions, ideal for maximising brand exposure of corporate sponsors, the construction company, or the developers.  So the question needs to be answered "What Ink Is Best for Printing on Shade Cloth?".  HDPE shade cloth is a tricky substrate as it is oily and nothing sticks to it.

Well, not nothing!  Shadenet Ink was designed by mistake actually.  During the process of developing and using a waterproofing for shade cloth which is used to strengthen the thread and seal the seams on waterproof shade cloth . . and "Voila!" we discovered that we could pigment the waterproofing and with a few mods, we developed it into an ink that sticks like crazy and answers the pleas for "What Ink Is Best for Printing on Shade Cloth?" around the world.

It is water-based, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  When it is dry you it is very durable and designed for outdoor use.  The Shade cloth ink is sold as a clear base and can be pigmented using normal water-based outdoor pigments.  And it can be screeenprinted, spraypainted or painted onto shade cloth.  A few coats of clear base to start with will prevent it from going through the fabric and you won't even see the print from the back.

On the front you can choose between an economical print that the wind can blow through or with the right number of coats you can achieve a perfect finish.  So if you are wondering "What Ink Is Best for Printing on Shade Cloth?" then look no further  . . pose the question "What Ink Is Best for Printing on Shade Cloth?" to us and we will tell all.

Date Posted: 2011-03-08
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
Listed under these Business Listing Categories: Advertising, Building and construction,

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