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Ink for Printing on Shadenet - Important Drying and Packaging Instructions


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The drying process and packaging is very important when using Shadenet Ink for printing on shadenet.  Make sure that the ink is perfectly dry before rolling it up.  Shadenet is very abrasive so if it rubs on itself, there is a good chance the image will get scuffed and will be damaged on arrival at its destination.

Let's start with the drying.  Make sure it is dry enough to be taken off the table without smudging or getting damaged.  Then if you are in a hot dry climate, leave it overnight in a well aired, preferably draughty place so that air can get to the back and front of the image.   Drape it over something so that the ink you used for printing on shadenet can release its water content.

Do not ship the prints until they are dry.  If you are using Shadenet Ink for printing on shadenet in a humid or wet and cold region, then give it more time and you may need to blow hot air over it over night to make absolutely.  The sun or UV is the best drying catalyst.  Once it is properly dry it can handle weather conditions of any nature.

To make sure that the ink for printing on shadenet doesn't get stuck to itself, cover the print with bubble wrap applied upside down to the print area.  Make sure you cut the bubble wrap much bigger than the print so that if it moves during wrapping or transport, you are still covered.  You can fix the bubble wrap in place with masking tape. 

Preferably don't roll up the prints too tightly so that they don't crease and there is still air for completion of the curing process.  When the completed print is folded, you can package it in plastic sleeves like the ones the shade cloth rolls come in.

So to make sure your ink for printing on shadenet gives you the best result, make sure you dry it properly . . give it another day if you are now completely sure . . and that you package it correctly to facilitate further drying and to make sure that the ink for printing on shadenet doesn't stick to itself or get damaged by rubbing against the shadenet.

Date Posted: 2010-09-14
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
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