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Silkscreen Ink for Printing on Shade Cloth


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Let's start with silkscreen ink for printing on shade cloth.  Digital printing of shade cloth is currently only available for a white substrate and the cost of printing the whole area is still not an exact science and can be quite expensive.  With some enhancements, Printed Shadenet Solutions has mastered the digital printing of white shade cloth.  Far more effective, durable and cost-effective is through the use of silkscreen ink for printing on shade cloth.

The ink impregnates the knitted fabric and ensures that it is durable and flexible for optimal outdoor use.  The Shadenet Ink can also be sprayed onto shade cloth where one-offs are required.  The ink is water based so there is no harm to people or the environment.  Silkscreening is an old art and can be done by almost anyone.  It simply requires a relatively course mesh or screen  . . 31 works well. 

Screen printing is also known as silkscreen printing in other parts of the world.  It is an age old tradition and is still the most economical and durable way to print step and repeat patterns or logos onto a substrate.  The Shadenet Ink water-based silkscreen ink for printing on shade cloth envelopes the fabric to create a much crisp image and soft feel. Silkscreen ink for printing on shade cloth is ideal for printing darker inks onto lighter coloured substrates.

The water-based ink dries by evaporating the water with the simple use of the sun, good ventilation and/or hairdryers.  Printing with silkscreen ink for printing on shade cloth is simple - anyone can do it. 

Don't be deceived by water-based . . the water-based silkscreen ink for printing on shade cloth is easy to work with when wet, but when it dries it produces a very durable, quality outdoor image to ensure consistent branding exposure for your client.

Date Posted: 2010-09-09
Posted By: Shadenet Ink
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