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GIG Chemicals, A Pretoria based chemical Company, Has developed a product specifically for the use in the manufacturing of bricks from Coal Ash which allows for the saving of between 30 - 40 % in cement usage. The product, called HP-Exel Ash, which took 2 years of research and development, is now being offered to the local brick from coal ash manufacturers and has proved to be an instant success.

The characteristics of Coal Ash which have a general composition of totally burnt out ash, Clinker, Micro parts of unburnt coal dust, Unburnt oils, Sulphuric Acids, Metal salts which dilute or dissolve on contact with water and result in the release of chlorine, make Coal Ash , theoretically speaking , not suitable for the manufacture of a good quality , economic brick.

As a result of all the contaminants found in Coal Ash, manufacturers have to utilize a far higher quantity of cement in order to 'neutralize' the aggregate resulting in a 10 - 15 % loss of the actual cement applied in the mixture. Furthermore, between  10 - 20 % of the cement gets contaminated  by the fatty oils in the Ash aggregate and are thus 'not available' for the dehydration process. Due to this, Coal Ash brick makers have to utilize between 30 - 50 % more cement in comparison to natural aggregate brick makers to attain the same MPA result from their product.

The Hp –Exel ASH product is specifically formulated for the use with ash    for the manufacture of high quality bricks. Each negative property which is present in ash , is chemically addressed so that  cement percentages required are brought into line such as with the manufacturing process utilized with natural aggregates.

With the use of the Hp-EXEL ASH product, the density of the brick is increased by between 25 – 30 % resolving the most common problem with ash bricks – water absorbent properties. The product also includes an ‘accelerator’ which  speeds up the ‘curing’ time allowing for a faster production throughput.

Mr. Jardim, The National sales Manager for GIG Chemicals say’s that this product will have a significant impact in the environmental consequences. The big greenhouse gas emission savings lie firstly in reducing the volume of cement needed to make this a high quality, high strength brick . This will allow the manufacturer not only significant savings is manufacturing costs which will reflect handsomely on their company’s profits, but also provide a contribution into assisting in making the carbon footprint and resultant impact on our planet, less.

For trade inquiries, GIG Chemicals can be reached on 082 410 4433 or alternatively, mail to

Date Posted: 2009-04-14
Posted By: Cameron Jordan Business Brokers
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