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The week of 16 – 22 November is Global Entrepreneur Week and yet so many businesses are still failing.  And in spite of the current economic situation, many of these failures could be avoided. 

I have written a book about my own experience of business failure, and the personal character issues that lead to the eventual insolvency and my own financial loss.

I can discuss

  • How our ego gets in the way of seeking the help we need for business success.
  • Why people think that success in one area of their lives entitles them to success in another.
  • How so many people lose their packages: retrenchment and retirement packages in business failures.
  • Why even good businesses fail.
  • How the only difference between the experience of some people’s failures is the number of zeros on the end of their problems.
  • Where to go for real assistance for your business.
  • Why I still believe that small business success is absolutely essential for South Africa’s economic growth.

My personal experience has been one of losing over a million Rand in a business investment that has left me with absolutely no financial resources and a number of creditors still pressing me.   I wrote the book out of my experience and would love the opportunity to share it with anyone who would benefit from the warning.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.


Charlotte Kemp

CONTACT Charlotte Kemp on 082 491 9252

Hillcrest, KZN

Business Liquidations increased to 2,379 in the first 7 months of 2009.

The mistakes and lessons are explored in the newly released book, “I’m not afraid of the ‘F’ Word, 50 Lessons Learned on the Way to Business Failure”.

Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. 17 November 2009

According to Stats SA, the total number of business liquidation in South Africa in the first 7 months of 2009 increased by 35.8% to 2,379.  I was one of them.

Each business failure represents personal loss for the business owner as well as retrenchments and other job and business losses.

The book was written by Charlotte Kemp, a speaker and trainer who bought a franchise store as an investment business.  Through a combination of mistakes and unfortunate events, the business failed and was liquidated exactly two years after it opened.

The book covers topics such as Learn to Quit, There are no Silver Bullets, Fish in a Blue Pond, Don’t believe your own PR and Eat the Frog.  All the lessons address issues that can be problems in business, but offer encouragement and direction towards a solution.

Charlotte Kemp can be contacted on 082 491 9252, or to discuss presenting talk on the subject to networking groups, schools and other organizations. 

The book is R150 and is available for order online at  Or call +27 82 491 9252.

– END –

A YouTube video is available here.

Date Posted: 2009-11-17
Posted By: Niche Training and Development
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