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Founded in 2003 and now hosting over 900 domains, Spaceacre is becoming known for innovative and affordable websites and internet marketing and business solutions. There is a surge in eMarketing and an increasing requirement for Internet marketing solutions.

Broadband internet access is expected to almost double in 2006. In 2007, online advertising in South Africa is expected to reach R200m and online retail sales (excluding airlines) to exceed R500m (Source: Businesses need a solid partner like Spaceacre to capitalise effectively on this opportunity.

Spaceacre’s web design and programming studio uses uniquely patented web software to produce high quality websites at affordable prices. Spaceacre can provide clients with valuable experience from the development and management of its own commercial websites (over 4,500 visitors per month), wedding sites (over 10,000 visitors per month) and others.

Spaceacre has developed a suite of products to help its client base to make more money and become more effective using the internet . . . .


All Spaceacre websites are built and hosted on the revolutionary spacebuilder© program powered by an international patent which is designed to manage the content of the website most effectively. Websites can be designed with Flash, CSS, Java, AJAX. Spaceacre registers domains for you, hosts the domains and websites and is expert at providing eCommerce functionality (even if you are too small for bank approval). The big bonus is that spacebuilder© websites can be edited from any internet connection. Web pages are built in modules which can be easily added or removed by Spaceacre or the client (with some training). When removing or adding content, the remaining page layout adjusts automatically and design and proportion integrity of the page is maintained. All websites are safely hosted by Spaceacre with client access.

spacebuilder© can have a number of very cool and very useful add-ons to make life easier for SME’s in different industries


• to manage your monthly subscriptions

spacepublisher ©

• to consolidate and publish web content for a newspaper or magazine

spacecallcentre ©

• a call centre interface for entering information at inbound and outbound call centres

spaceschool ©

• to market the school, communicate with parents, generate revenue for the school

spacemailer ©

• to manage your emarketing through bulk emailings

spacemoney ©

• automated eCommerce and billing via debit order & credit card

spaceclub ©

• to manage your club or association more effectively

spaceMLM ©

• a system for managing multi-level marketing domains, registrations and websites

The Spaceacre team has been involved in internet strategies since 1999 and has an excellent knowledge of web design, web applications, e-commerce and site optimisation. There is a dynamic combination of experienced businessmen in their late 40’s and a young and innovative team of programmers and developers in their 20’s.

Spaceacre’s mission is to improve your revenue streams and streamline your operations through more effective use of the internet

Spaceacre is all about “Making the web work for you”.

For more info contact Wayne or Robin now at Spaceacre 021 423 6882

PS: Watch this “space”. Spaceacre is in the process of launching SpaceFlow which is a desperately needed and affordable project management solution for small ad and design agencies. A few small ad agencies are already benefiting from SpaceFlow which features quoting, invoicing, time sheets, work logs, project management, customer management, supplier management, contact management and more. All data is backed up off-site 100% secure and information is accessible from any internet connection.

Date Posted: 2008-12-11
Posted By: Spaceacre
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