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BUSINESS: NSBC Battles Small Business Bullies


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The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) is coming after small business bullies with blazing guns as it ups the ante on championing the cause of South Africa’s increasingly abused underdogs – small businesses.

“We are finding more and more instances of ‘corporate bullying’,” says Mike Anderson, Chairman and CEO of NSBC. “Usually, this involves irregularities or unfair breaches or actions by a large corporation against a smaller business with which it is in some way associated."

"When the ‘little guy’ tries to defend himself against the irregularity, he is met by a massive onslaught of legal process and enough legal costs to bankrupt a small nation, nevermind a small business. The end result? The small business usually flounders and dies a horrible death, while the big corporation gets off scot-free and simply repeats the process with whichever voices of dissent may arise within small business ranks.”

The NSBC, established in 2008, is now the most powerful business growth mechanism for the SME sector in South Africa and has fast become the united voice of small businesses and a one-stop portal for up-to-date industry trends, information and resources.

It is also committed to backing its rapidly expanding client base of 20,000 SME members all the way when it comes to big business bullying tactics, positioning itself as the clever David to the aggressive Goliath of big business.

“Simply put, small businesses cannot engage in lengthy legal battles - it’s financially impossible. While many small business legal matters are more than winnable in court, whoever has the money to ‘go the legal distance’ generally wins the case,” says Mike.

"There are many example of brutal corporate battle tactics,” concludes NSBC’s Mike Anderson. “Small businesses are faced with myriad challenges and pitfalls on the road to their success and sadly, very few of them are left alive and kicking at the end of the day. The NSBC will do everything in its power to assist its members in their quest for success, particularly when it comes to destructive, unlawful and cowardly big business bullying tactics that threaten to permanently shut down small business."

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