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LOGISTICS: Fuel Management Solutions for Your Fleet


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The global recession has affected industry in a big way and as a result fleet managers have been forced to find technologies and methodologies to drive down costs in a number of areas.

Since fuel is the lifeblood of all transport operations and is a costly commodity, many companies are looking for ways to better monitor and control this resource and associated costs. Many companies are turning to automated refueling technologies, such as eFuel, to monitor fuel consumption and curb fuel mismanagement.

eFuel is a card-free, cash-free system which enables drivers to procure fuel and oil at a participating retail service station or home base station using the AFS technology. The options of on road and home base requirements are not mutually exclusive as AFS can combine these into a single, integrated solution.

The technology enables a vehicle fitted with a Vehicle Identification Unit (VIU) to be identified by a controller connected to the fuelling nozzle once the nozzle is inserted into the fuel inlet on the vehicle. Only once the vehicle has been identified and authorised for refuelling will the pump switch on.

This insures that the correct vehicle is refuelled and any attempts at removing the device or refuelling another vehicle will immediately suspend the transaction. Payment for the fuel procured at a retail forecourt is managed through the normal banking infrastructure.

During the refuelling process data such as the vehicle’s odometer, vehicle make and model, fuel type, transaction volume and value are accurately recorded. Data collected from multiple sites is then consolidated and reports generated from this information are delivered to fleet managers or other designated staff via eFuel’s specially designed software applications.

This software also enables authorised fleet personnel to manage their fuelling activities more proactively, identify and question any anomalies in the fleet.

According to AFS Group Account Manager, Lisa Esch, “By cutting out human intervention when it comes to authorising and settling fuelling transactions as well as capturing and recording data, the eFuel system can aid in preventing fuel fraud. Due to the fact that each drop of fuel that goes into the vehicle is recorded, unauthorised and foreign purchases such as filling another vehicle or purchasing goods from the shop are easily identified and can be quickly managed.”

eFuel is supported by a number of Trademark Owners such as Engen, Caltex and Sasol who have invested an excess of R250 million in the system. To date it has been installed in almost 800 service stations throughout South Africa and in 34 stations across Namibia.

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