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Education: The Strategy Behind Mentorship


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Thomas' words echo a need that many leaders experience while trying to leave a lasting legacy that will impact positively on both followers and future leaders to come.

The 2009 Vodacom Business Leading Male CEO Council - Indigo Bay, and the accompanying 2009 Mentorship Skills for Leadership Programme, pioneered by Alison Gregg of Alison Gregg Relations, and presented by Leadership Partner Wits Business School, are therefore part of a unique initiative that is set to revolutionise the way leaders look at sustainable leadership development, and the integral role that mentorship plays in this development.

The concept started out as an annual dinner debate between leading CEOs from various industries, but it quickly became apparent that this was simply not enough - a platform for sharing leadership philosophies and practices needed to be created, and young leaders also needed to be included.

This year's event, therefore, is the first of its kind. Twenty hand-selected, experienced CEOs will each

choose a mentee to accompany them to Indigo Bay, Mozambique, for a weekend of coaching, learning and debate. Upon their return, both mentors and mentees will attend the 2009 Mentorship Skills for Leadership Programme - a monthly full-day workshop at Wits Business School, which will cover various aspects of leadership.

This Programme focuses on long-term development, and critical to its success is developing the participants' emotional intelligence, intellect, spirit and business intelligence. For the mentees, the Programme objectives are to increase self-awareness, stimulate self-actualisation, encourage holistic development, learn from the mentor in all aspects of leadership, and to meet and interact with the present and future leaders of our country.

For the mentors, the objectives are to understand the basic coaching and mentoring theories and principles, to improve interpersonal dynamics and communication skills, and to develop knowledge of how business coaching and mentoring assists an organisation in achieving its strategy and facilitates organisational development.

Mentors will also have the opportunity to enjoy spending time with various South African leaders, and

receive coaching from an executive coach for one session a month, while both mentors and mentees will receive a certificate of completion accredited by Wits Business School. The modules presented include an orientation to coaching, self-development, the use of assessment in development, business development in mentorship, strategic thinking, handling stress and resilience in the workplace, negotiation skills and others.

The process is designed to be a sustainable and lasting process that leaves a legacy and has an impact on all participants, as well as others in the participants' realm of influence. This is why an integral part of the Programme will be the development of a sustainable action learning project that makes a difference to the broader community. The action learning project allows groups to learn to take action in the world of business and society, and to learn from taking that action.

The mentees will work in teams to develop a business solution to a relevant broader societal issue, which will result in the development of a business case, as well as an implementation plan for a community initiative. The Programme will thus allow future leaders to leave a meaningful legacy.


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