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HOSPITALITY: Top 6 Most Rewarding Hospitality Degree Programs


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The hospitality industry is always under close pursuit by job seekers due to the numerous opportunities it presents; in hotels, restaurants, resorts, casinos and theme parks among other related institutions. With an increasingly booming tourism sector the world over, the hospitality sector which goes hand in hand with the former continues to attract major attention; even from education institutions that go a long way in equipping entrants of the job market. Besides the high possibilities of successful careers, graduates of these hospitality degree programs listed by Jumia Travel are also presented with rewarding chances of self employment; making them all worth a try. They are offered in numerous universities and colleges across the globe.

Degree in Hospitality Management
Students taking Hospitality Management (study of the hospitality industry) are made knowledgeable about the dynamics of management in commercial food service operations including fast food restaurants. With relevant qualifications and skills, graduates are highly employable as a: hotel manager, fast food restaurant manager, restaurant manager, accommodation manager, public house manager, customer service manager and retail manager among others.
Degree in Hotel Administration
Studying Hotel Administration gives students the chance to understand the market in a manner which they can research, analyze and teach on trends in the hospitality industry. The program enables participants to develop wide-ranging knowledge and expertise with a solid foundation in driving the industry. Possible jobs in this program include but not limited to hotel managers/administrators and hospitality industry analysts, consultants, corporate staff positions and casino managers among others.
Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition
Diet and its effects on health is one of the most crucial factors that determine the success of any hospitality business. Hygiene is key in ensuring customer retention for commercial food service providers; and therefore it is important for these businesses to have a professional knowledgeable enough on nutrition and dietetics to ensure food safety for quality food service delivery. The program provides job opportunities in food safety, dietetics lecturing, event and meeting management among others.

Degree in Travel Industry Management
The travel and tourism industry goes hand in hand with the hospitality sector. They all play a vital role as major economic contributors to the global economy and are becoming increasingly interdependent on each other. A degree in the Travel Industry Management provides multidisciplinary and fundamental understanding of both national and international relations in regards to the travel and tourism industry, whose contribution rose to 9.8% of world GDP at US$7.2 trillion; according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. The program offers the foundation for divergent careers such as a director of cultural programs for governments/organizations or even a minister of tourism just to mention a few.

Language translation and interpretation
It is a field that in recent years has attracted attention as stakeholders in the hospitality industry seek to eliminate language barrier; be it for international travelers or during international conferences and events. Professionals in linguistics are able to interpret one spoken language to another, either simultaneously or consecutively as well as translate written documents in languages they choose to specialize in. With an increase in Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions (MICE) across the world, different languages are brought together and language translation and interpretation services therefore become highly sought after and are well compensated. There is still a large gap in meeting the demand in this area of profession and taking up this program might just be the beginning of a life-long rewarding career.

Hospitality and Catering Degree
Taking a course in Hospitality and catering prepares the students to understand areas of gastronomy and culture, culinary art, nutrition, health and safety among others. The program tends to be practical and vocational in nature and careers will include being a chef, caterer, events management etc.

It is important to note that the hospitality industry is on a continuous upward trajectory and the need for skilled labor in the different areas related to the industry will also continue to rise. If any of these is the career path you intend to take, ensure you do a comprehensive background check on your field of interest to ensure that after investing in your education, you will end up not only in a remunerative career but most importantly a motivating one.


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