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INFOTECH: Microsoft is Duping Users with Free Windows 10 Upgrade


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In the next few years, Microsoft wants Windows 10 running on a billion devices. But the software behemoth is not proving popular with many users who are being duped into downloading unintentionally.

One way it’s making sure that this happens is by tricking users into upgrading in what can only be termed as shady ways. Once the “Windows 10 free upgrade” pops up on your screen you are one click away from receiving an unwanted download onto your machine – even if you press the “x” (which generally means no in most vernaculars).

This is according to Christopher Riley, CEO of laptop and accessories retailer, The Notebook Company, who said he did not opt for the “X button”. He simply continued to say “no thanks” until he was given a date and time, for the download, with no more choice given.

“I used to jump to the latest and newest version when I was younger, thinking – 20 years ago – that the latest was always the greatest. But my attitude has changed. Why change, or fix it, if it is not broken? With Windows 10 simple things like your paper set-up, decimal type, date formats and security settings take a long time to be optimised – and most of us just don’t have a spare 7 days to sort the changes out.”

But here’s the real problem: Windows 10 is a fundamentally good operating system – but Microsoft’s tactics are giving it a bad reputation.

“However,” said Riley, “I really think they should rethink their tactics, or else they will fall far short of their installation target.”

It also happened at Inkworks, The Notebook Company’s PR company. Said manager Jeanne van Staalduinen: “A few months ago I inadvertently clicked on the free upgrade button. A day or two later Windows 10 was my new operating system. But it caused various technical problems for me so I had it uninstalled – and Windows 7 re-installed. Now, a few months later, I see that the ‘Windows 10 for free’ pop up is back with a vengeance. It seems Windows 10 is compulsory for Windows users.”

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