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Business: Postive Attraction is Key to Enduring the Economic Slowdown


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Findings have also revealed that on average corporations lose about 16 days annually in productivity per stressed worker due to anxiety and depression. Employees are "emotionally drained" and "burnt out" at the end of the day, which can cause an array of illnesses.

It is reported that 8 out of 10 Executives in South Africa suffer from stress, of which 7 out of the 8 deny it. It seems obvious that with the economic situation worsening in the country and firms cutting back on staff, employees might be feeling more strain whether it be financial or emotional due to the risk of losing their jobs. It is well documented that anxiety and stress are part of every illness-complex and if treated will have a positive impact on the employee's overall well-being and ability to cope in the workplace. The way lifestyles and work patterns have evolved represents an enormous challenge and therefore companies should look for innovative ways of dealing with employee stress.

“Millions of people around the world suffer from stress but have discovered the positive benefits of the Law of Attraction. In layman’s terms, the Law of Attraction states that ‘you reap what you sow’,” says Nella Francom of Positive Attraction. “The reality is that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality by attracting what we focus on, whether it’s positive or negative. By using the Law of Attraction, you can relieve stress and attract the positive life that you want.”

After having read more than 1 000 books about positive messages, Nella has become an expert in the field of the Law of Attraction. Realising that people don’t have the time to read chapters of positive messaging every day, she created the world’s first musical version of the Law of Attraction. The Positive Attraction double disc features 20 songs, which were all written by her and recorded by professional artists and musicians, to take people through the 10-step programme to learn and practise positive thinking.

“The primary goal of every company is to create profit but having stressed employees can have an adverse affect on the bottom line. It is important for managers to identify the stress symptoms displayed by their team members to avoid absenteeism, work related accidents, impaired decision making and ultimately, loss of productivity. By investing in a system such as the Positive Attraction CD, the songs carry an encouraging message and reinforce the steps needed to attract the positive into their lives, and ultimately your company’s,” continues Francom.

The Positive Attraction CD features different genres of music with easy and catchy lyrics so that the words are memorised easily and the Law of Attraction is exercised simultaneously.

According to Francom the ten steps include:

1. Cleaning out the clutter in your workspace - learning how to give.

2. Counting your blessings daily - even waking up is a blessing.

3. Be grateful, even about the smallest things.

4. Controlling your thoughts and become aware of what you’re thinking and where your thoughts are directing you.

5. Stop stressing about how things will happen or work out.

6. Believing that you will receive.

7. Knowing that it is your right to ask.

8. Laughing often - feeling joy.

9. Visualising yourself where you want to be - in the situation of your choice.

10. Trusting yourself and know that you’re in control of your destiny.

Francom goes on to say that as with any form of exercise, mental wellness also needs to be practised daily. It also surprises her that so many people defy the Law of Attraction by thinking its way too easy to be true. “Essentially what they don’t realise is that if you really want something and truly believe it’s possible, you’ll get it. But…putting a lot of attention and thought into something you don’t want, means you’ll most probably get that too!”

The double disc is selling worldwide though her website, “The Nevada Correctional Services Department recently ordered some CD’s online. I believe that they will be playing it to inmates to help shift their mindsets positively,” she concludes.

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