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INFOTECH: Mobile Wi-Fi Connectivity with Huawei Modems from DCC


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Constant access to the Internet is essential for any business, ensuring users are connected, able to work and communicate. However, connectivity to ADSL is not always guaranteed and 3G/4G failover capabilities are required in order to remain connected. Ensure constant connectivity with Huawei’s ADSL and Mobile Wi-Fi modems, available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). These routers further offer 3G and 4G failover, should the ADSL link go down, ensuring ultra-stable, and reliable connectivity.

“Unfortunately, the Small Office Home Office (SoHo) and small business is greatly affected when ADSL connectivity is lost. This is often due to power outages – a common occurrence in South Africa these days - leaving users with no connectivity to complete daily tasks and activities. The Huawei E5573 and Huawei E5577 Mobile Wi-Fi modems are solving this problem for these businesses, providing failover capabilities whereby when the ADSL connection goes down, the 3G/4G connectivity seamlessly switches over, ensuring connectivity when they need it most,” says Michael Watts, Business Unit Manager at DCC.

The Huawei E5573 Mobile LTE Wi-Fi modem delivers 4G download speeds of up to 150 Megabits per second (Mb/s) and 50 Mb/s upload speeds, as well as up to 42.2 Mb/s download and 5.76Mb/s upload speeds on 3G. The removable battery offers up to 6 hours on the unit, especially important for those times when power outages occur.. Fast boot-up ensures users are up and running in five seconds and users can connect to the Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi application (app), offering more capabilities.

The also LTE modem also features wireless connectivity and allows up to 10 devices to connect simultaneously. The modem delivers upload speeds of up to 42Mbps and download speeds of up to 5.76Mbps and further supports Windows, MAC and Linux Operating Systems (OS). Quick start up in 5 seconds is ensured and the 300mAh battery allows for up to 12 hours working time and 600 hours of standby time, depending on the network.

“Staying connected is essential for any business and the Huawei E5573 and E5577modems ensure users remain online all the time,” concludes Watts.

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