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MOBILE: Schneider Electric Launches APC Mobile Power Packs – External Battery Packs for Smartphones and USB-charged Devices


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Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, has introduced the APC Mobile Power Pack range of high capacity, high efficiency external battery packs to local shores.

The APC Mobile Power Pack is designed to provide mobile charging for all smartphones and tablets – or any device that can be charged using a USB cable. The new lightweight external batteries enable a greater range of apps to be used for longer periods, including energy sapping applications that use location services and GPS.

According to Bruce Grobler, IT Business director for Southern Africa at Schneider Electric, the APC Mobile Power Pack is designed to ensure that users can utilise their apps when they need them – whether that means being able to download e-mail and documents, tweet, access gaming accounts or upload pictures and videos at festivals.

“We all need more battery life at some time or other, either at home, on our travels or at work. The APC Mobile Power Pack allows users to get more from their mobile,” he adds.

The APC Mobile Power Pack external battery packs come in two sizes: M5 (5000mAh) and M10 (10,000mAh). The smaller M5 weighs in at 142g and measures under 108mm x 65mm x 15mm, packing enough energy to charge the average smartphone twice. M5 weighs 243g and measures under 147mm x 89mm x 14mm, it provides one full charge for a tablet or four smartphone charges.

Available in a contemporary high key gloss white or black finish, the APC Mobile Power Pack looks right at home alongside today’s stylish smart devices. It incorporates Lithium Polymer battery technology, which can be charged twice as many times as Lithium Ion equivalents, to ensure a lasting and reliable working life. Externally, the APC Mobile Power Pack provides two output USB connections allowing two devices to be charged simultaneously, and a four-LED battery capacity indicator.

The battery packs are charged using a supplied micro USB connector; charge times are typically four hours (M5) and eight hours (M10). Both external batteries are remarkably efficient at storing charges and can be left in laptop bags, handbags, rucksacks and the like for weeks on end with no significant energy loss. When called upon, the APC Mobile Power Pack can be depended upon to get your devices up and running reliably. The M5 and M10 work by charging the device’s internal battery in place of a mains electricity supply.

Schneider Electric has also built-in important protection features to ensure long and safe operation of the APC Mobile Power Pack. Grobler continues, “Many low cost external batteries on the market do not incorporate controls to protect against common problems such as over-charging, over-discharge or over-temperature. Such conditions could result in premature battery degradation, over heating or even complete melt down in extreme circumstances. APC Mobile Power Pack’s Protection Circuit Module (PCM) guards against issues arising as a result of all of the above, as well as cell over-current, USB over load or short circuit, and ultra-low dark current.”

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