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INSURANCE: New Tool Simplifies Insurance Script Process


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SilverBridge, a provider of software solutions to the financial services industry, has launched SilverBridge Vault, helping insurance companies manage the creation, review, testing and deployment of schema and configuration scripts within an Exergy environment.

SilverBridge Vault provides the script reviewers, script package managers and release managers with the ability to setup and manage scripts from development to testing and then deploy. It can be used as a standalone product, but works best in conjunction with the RulesGuru and Deployment toolsets.

SilverBridge CIO and Product Development Executive JC Oberholzer says SilverBridge Vault provides the ability to setup environments according to the development methodology used. “Users can establish a process based on best practice, which lowers the risk associated with releasing new functionality or versions. They can setup the environment according to a combination of SilverBridge provided best practices and company procedures.”

SilverBridge Vault provides controlled access to scripts, prevents unauthorised access to scripts and helps to enforce scripting versioning rules. This reduces the complexity of managing the release process.

Furthermore, SilverBridge Vault provides functionality to Exergy’s RulesGuru and Deployment tool. The tool suite provides functionality for all roles involved in the development, testing and release deployment process. This integrated tool suite provides functionality specific to user roles.

Oberholzer says integration from RulesGuru and Deployment toolset is via Web Services. “Teams can work from different locations, and communication can also be done over the web. It facilitates distributed teams, working from different and remote locations.”

SilverBridge Vault also provides functionality and services based on user roles, it assists the process of role separation different user roles. Defined user roles in release process, provides ability to assign responsibilities, manage and measure.

Scripts are stored and managed in a central database. This provides the ability to manage scripts centrally in a single store, which can be secured and backed up centrally. More importantly, database management features such as access control and backup restore schedules lowers the risk of losing data.

“When used in conjunction with RulesGuru, SilverBridge Vault applies script versioning rules. It assists the script developers and script package manager in applying the versioning rules. This certainly lowers the complexity and risks of managing the release process,” he concludes.

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