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GREEN: New Solution Makes Food Waste Good for the Environment


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In excess of 9 million tons of food waste was disposed of in South Africa in 2013 –and all this waste went to landfill sites.

The food waste, when not treated, generates methane and leachate in landfills. Leachates contaminate the ground water, while methane is a greenhouse gas which is 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide, contributing significantly to global warming.

But there is a solution to this food waste dumping dilemma – a solution that is growing in popularity due to its effectiveness in disposing of food waste.

Spokesperson for Bokashi Bran (Pty) Ltd, Bronwyn Jones, said food waste can be reduced “significantly” by using the Bokashi system.

Bokashi is a Japanese term that means “fermented organic matter”.

Jones said Bokashi is a pleasant smelling product made using bran that has been infused with effective micro-organisms. The Bokashi Bran digester bucket is a practical and convenient way to collect kitchen food waste and ferment it before transforming it into nutrient rich compost. This composting system uses Bokashi to create the ideal conditions for airtight (anaerobic) composting. The eco-friendly digester, made from recycled plastic, and Bokashi, eliminates the odours and unpleasantness associated with putrefaction and decay as with traditional composting.

You can compost all kitchen food waste in your bucket including fruit and vegetables, cooked foods, fish and chicken bones, cheese, egg shells, bread, coffee grinds and peels.

No excessive oil or liquids should go in the bucket.

We all know that recycling helps with the challenge we face to save our natural environment by reducing the amount of waste that gets dumped in landfills - and reusing what we can in order to save resources.

“Imagine how efficient recycling would be if the food waste was removed from all garbage bins? It’s the food waste that causes all the environmental damage,” said Jones

When food rots, it smells bad, attracts diseases and vermin- and nobody particularly wants to handle it. It’s just easier to dump it in landfills. But, naturally, that’s very bad for the environment.

But Bokashi gets rid of all food waste, including cooked food, protein, egg shells; in fact, anything organic. With the food waste out of the bins, recycling is easy. Tins, glass, plastic, paper etc. can be separated and recycled with great financial benefits.

Companies can actually save money.

Andre Steyn, a director of black empowered artisan training company, Artisan Training Institute, said his company has been using Bokashi for the past two years with great success. All the food waste is converted to compost used in the gardens of the institute. It is great to do something positive for the environment.

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