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EMPLOYMENT: The Number One Solution to High Unemployment


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One of the major problems South Africa is experiencing is the high unemployment level, causing pain and

despair in the lives of thousands of people. It is of little value to be painfully aware of this terrible
problem without working towards putting measures in place to not only alleviate but eradicate this
problem. Time is of paramount importance. The most important question is: Is there a solution? And if
there is a solution what is the solution?

The goal should be to concentrate on solutions, says Ernest Gibaldi.

Prof Mohammad Yunnus from Bangladesh made a difference in 100 million poor peoples' lives around the

world. He and his Grameen bank, making micro loans available to poor people with no financial security,
received the Nobel prize.

There are also many success stories of amazing entrepreneurship initiatives in South Africa. South

Africans are well known for their practical wisdom over many decades.

The number one solution is excellent education.

Bill Gates wrote a book about the future called 'The road ahead'. One of his chapters concentrates
specifically on education.

The latest book of Prof Jonathan Jansen, rector of the University of the Free State, 'Fixing our schools in
South Africa', was published recently. He and his co-writer brilliantly dissect our educational situation in
South Africa. A study has been done on the key factors for success schools in the nine provinces in South
Africa. After studying the key to successful schools, they suggest pro-active recommendations and

Practical workshops that are able to turn the tide are in place for principals, teachers and educators. The
majority of schools are in townships. Included in this publication are two DVD videos taking the reader
to 19 successful schools and illustrating the viewer the know how of successful educators.

This is an amazing tool and opportunity not to be underestimated and missed!
The sky of opportunity by means of this project is the limit. There are many privileged South Africans in
key positions that can play a decisive role to bring about an educational transformation in our beloved

This publication not only sheds a clear theoretical light on the horizon, but provides the key to open up a new dispensation to millions of people

living in dreadful poverty, especially in our townships.

Good qualifications open mighty financial and economic doors. We can not afford to miss this last door of
hope for the strugglers in our midst.

The big question is: where can you and I make a difference? We have a great
strategy! Are we going to use it? Or continue to build our own empires?

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