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EMPLOYMENT: Gumtree Helps with Interviewing, Hiring and Applying for a Job


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Gumtree has created the perfect information hub for interviewing, hiring and applying for a job. The viewer can choose any of these three categories and read up on 15+ pages of useful tips related to the chosen section. Before you have to find a job, partake in an interview or expand your team, check out the Gumtree Job Tips. Here’s a short preview of each section that the Gumtree Job Tips provides:

The Interview:
Gumtree adds useful interviewing advice: When you have the opportunity to go on a job interview, it is important that you present yourself professionally. In most circumstances, you will want to wear business attire regardless of how liberal the company appears on their website. It is a sign of respect, and that you are ready to take their job seriously. If you are a woman, then knowing what to wear during an interview can be quite tricky. Gumtree touches on how a female should do her hair, make up and even what types of jewellery are appropriate for an interview.

I’m Hiring:
Gumtree gives advice when you’re hiring: One question that most interviewees hear is a question asking them to describe themselves. The prospective employee is not looking for a physical description. Instead, the employer wants to know about your values as they relate to the call centre. Do not give your life story, but answer this question briefly by highlighting your biggest accomplishments as they relate to a call centre. If you have knowledge of weaknesses within the organisation, use this question to show that your strengths lay where the company is weakest, as the company will be looking for great employees who will lead them beyond that weakness.

I’m Applying:

Gumtree provides tips on how to perfect your job hunt skills: When looking for a job, many people turn to job recruitment services to help them find open positions. Some of these services charge a fee to help connect you with potential employers. If you do not have the money to invest in such a service, you must learn how to be your own job finder instead. Use your skills to find and apply for jobs that are just right for you.

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