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INNOVATION: SA Idea Shortlisted to 20 Most Innovative Ideas in the World


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In APRIL of this year, Intel sent out a call to emerging innovators from
across the world.

The challenge‘

Prove how your big idea will change the world. Fifty finalists were
selected. The top 20 were flown to Montreal to take the stage at C2-MTL, a
business conference attended by the world's leading creative and commercial
influencers. There, they would shake hands with Sir Richard Branson, wine
and dine with Intel's chief evangelist and futurist, Steve Brown, workshop
their idea with passionate minds from across industries and borders and one
lucky winner would come away with a check for 10K. All in just four days.
This is the Intel EYE50 experience.

"Listening to someone on stage, you hear one person's opinion, but
afterwards, you walk out and filter that through 100 people that are all
bubbling that same idea through their own personal experiences"
- Caithrin Rintoul, Provender, 2013 EYE50 participant

Intel's EYE50 experience brings together emerging innovators from different
countries and backgrounds, with ideas that span a variety of industries
towards one same goal: turn their ideas into real social impact.
Gola Motswane (Representing his team) was chosen as one of the 20 EYE50
finalists to showcase their idea at this exclusive event.

Trees + Rhinos: An innovative solar powered technology that enables the
location of poachers and rhinos at the time of a shooting to tackle the
problematic situation of rhino horn and animal ivory poaching.

Comments from Gola Motswane:
"The Trees + Rhinos idea came about when we started seeing countless number
of cars in South Africa with red plastic horns on their front grills and
that got our attention. We started researching about it and realized that it
was a brilliant campaign to spread awareness and raise funds for the Rhino
poaching problem. We kept on seeing more and more of these horns and
realized just how much South Africans care about the Rhino and the dire
situation we are in. That's when we decided sit down and try to tackle the
problem. We realized that trees were everywhere and if they could "see" and
"hear" what was happening, then we could use them to our advantage. The
light bulb moment came when we realized that the poachers need guns, which
go "bang", so we starting researching technology around that. That's when
the idea of using gunshot detection on the trees came about, an already
existing technology. The trees could now effectively report the location of
every gunshot instantaneously to rangers and medics.

We are group of young South African entrepreneurs who want to make a
difference in the world so we formed a start-up called boxworM, A company
dedicated to realizing other people's ideas into real life products and
services through inspiring visual presentations. To get things off the
ground, we started with the Trees + Rhinos idea. So naturally, we made a
short video about it and entered the idea into the C2-MTL EYE50 global
search for innovators of tomorrow.

Youtube video link:‘v=cSQynOyuOdo

Next thing we knew, our idea got shortlisted into the top 20 and we were
flown to Montreal, Canada, where the annual three-day long C2-MTL conference
takes place. The conference serves as a forum where creatives and investors
get to mingle and possibly strike partnerships to take their ideas
further/to market. In total, the trip lasted for a week, which included
various interactive workshop programmes and talks ranging in subjects from
leadership to running a successful business.

We had the opportunity to showcase our South African idea to a global
audience and the attendees were, to say the least, impressed. At the end we
left having made a number of networks and swapped business cards with people
who were interested in being apart of the Trees + Rhinos solution.

We believe that the Trees + Rhinos solution is not our own, but belongs to
South Africa, as do our Rhinos. Which is why we are transforming Trees +
Rhinos into an organization dedicated to stopping Rhino poaching and ivory
poaching through the use of technology and various awareness programmes that
we plan to roll out. We are prepared to work with the nation and WE call out
to other establishments and individuals to be a part of this campaign. We
can all make a difference."

Some of the other finalists:
Hollie Baigent, AUS - EYE50 winner
Vaccipak: A mobile pack that uses local technology to deliver life saving
vaccines in South East Asia
Caithrin Rintoul, CA Provender: An on-the-ground inventory and online
marketplace that empowers chefs to become local food heroes with a new way
of going farm to fork.

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