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INTERNET: Bringing Websphere to Business


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IBM’s flagship Java application server, Websphere, has helped companies around the world to build, deploy and run applications in a proven, secure and flexible environment, to link applications and services for operational efficiency and cost savings, and to optimise business performance by documenting, deploying and continuously improving end-to-end business processes. In South Africa, however, this particular tool has been underutilised as a result of the lack of Websphere skills locally.

Logikal Consulting has changed that status quo. With skills across all of IBM’s product suite, including Websphere specific skills, the company has been working with customers that include public sector organisations and some of South Africa’s largest banks to bring the benefits of Websphere to their businesses.

“The broad range of skills we provide is the foundation of our business,” says Gerald Naidoo, Logikal Consulting’s CEO. “We are filling the gap in terms of the Websphere skills need, and our skilled resources are not only IBM trained in the product, but have international experience as well.”

As an IBM partner, Logikal Consulting has established skilled offerings around all of the company’s products, offering a wide range of solutions for companies in sectors such as finance, utilities, government, insurance, and retail. In addition, Logikal Consulting has been putting license agreements in place as a result of the partnership. “As one of our preferred vendors, we have ensured that we not only provide IBM solutions, but that we add value to both businesses by leveraging our skilled resources and industry expertise,” Naidoo explains.

Websphere will gain increasing recognition for its unique benefits and features, particularly in light of the current need for mobile app development, he adds, and Logikal Consulting has ensured that it is not only ahead of the curve, but that its offering can meet the needs of companies of all sizes. Websphere allows organisations to fully embrace mobile delivery — an important capability for companies that want to target the rapidly growing numbers of mobile device users, providing the capability to develop interactive mobile friendly content for the most popular smartphone and tablet devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

“Connectivity, integration and SOA; mobile development and connectivity; business process management: all of these are essential requirements for companies across the board. Our specialist skills and knowledge of specific environments allow us to deliver a point of personalised interaction with applications, content, processes and people. Together with IBM, we are ensuring that companies of all sizes can access the latest technologies and take their businesses to the next level,” Naidoo concludes.

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