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SALES: Off the Shelf' Sales Management Could Transform Business


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A common problem experienced by medium sized sales operations – and that includes any company that has two to two thousand sales reps - is how to make its sales force even more focussed, effective and inspired to greater achievements. Sales reps are usually very good at what they do – selling - but they are invariably not very good at all the attendant admin that goes with the job. Wouldn’t the perfect solution be something that would help reps streamline the admin process and allow them to do what they’re best at‘ Good news then that something has been designed specifically to tackle these problems and, better still, it’s an off the shelf software programme that any company can use ... and, by all accounts, to great effect.

The Field Office HoneyBee software has been designed to improve effective sales management and allow for instant information sharing. It helps sales reps manage their customer information ... and it helps sales managers, through its complimentary web application, monitor sales and rep activity. As a Samsung tablet-based solution, Field Office HoneyBee is a highly effective productivity and management tool and one that obviates the need for companies to manage their own hardware, systems or cellular accounts. It’s as simple as ABC to get started – training for the reps takes all of five minutes – and it’s a low risk investment because HoneyBee is attractively priced with subscriptions from as little as R700 per rep per month.

While many companies also look at designing their own systems, many are too large and sophisticated for their requirements. One such company that had battled to solve its sales management problems was Namaqua Wines. “Our call rates are up by between 20 and 25%”, says Namaqua Wines MD, Koos Van Dyk. “It’s too early to tell what impact this will have on sales but we’re confident it can only go one way up.”

Key among Namaqua’s main targets is the independent retail sector and the HoneyBee system allows the reps to show the range and pictures simply on the tablet. The reps job is made much easier because all the information they want is available to them, right there on the tablet.

For example, they can check out all product information and the merchandise material that’s available for that product, everything it’s all there at the touch of a screen. It simplifies and enhances the selling process for sales reps and alleviates all the hassle of paperwork that can clog up their workflow.

Back at HQ, it is possible to monitor what’s going on out in the field. By logging in to the web app, anyone can see, at a glance on graphs and visuals, who’s been where and what’s been going on; it literally provides a snapshot of what’s happening throughout the country. This means that companies can interact with its sales force far more meaningfully and positively and in real time as well as give them the sales support they need. This gives management the peace of mind that customers are happy and that sales are growing because the sales process is being managed effectively and properly.

A sales management system like HoneyBee can be a significant intervention in the way a company does business. When companies are used to checking sales progress via orders, they can, with this system, check call rates as well. It’s also an HR management tool - a win-win for successful development and growth of the company.

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