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MARKETING: Have You Met Your Annual Targets


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"Having someone's e-mail address doesn't make them a lead for your business," says Louise Robinson, Sales Director of CG Consulting. And with only three months left until the end of the year, leads are essential to closing those deals to meet annual targets. With more school holidays on the horizon, time is growing short for companies to meet their annual objectives.

Research on the cost of sales calls by Reed Business found that the average cost of a business-to-business in-person sales call was over R2000. The same research said that it took an average of 5.1 in-person sales calls to close a sale. So the total cost of sales visits required to close an average B2B sale was just under R16 000. “Even if your sales are large enough to justify this big expense, wouldn't it be nice to keep some of that money as profit instead‘ You can. Simply replace a couple of those expensive, in-person sales calls with lower cost-per-contact outsourced sales lead generation marketing tactics,” Robinson says.

The research also showed that the average salesperson spent less than a fifth of his or her time meeting with new prospects. This works out to be approximately one day of every business week. When you consider vacations and other time off, that works out to less than 50 days of new business development a year.

“With less than 100 days left of 2012, this equation isn’t encouraging for those companies that are looking to meet targets,” Robinson says. “How many prospects do you think your salespeople can contact during a given day‘ Unless their territory is limited to the immediate neighbourhood, I'd say they'll probably be able to schedule a maximum of four meetings a day. How much more productive would they be if they only had to make an average of three sales visits to close a qualified business lead that was generated for them by a specialist lead generation company‘”

The answer is 40 percent more productive at closing sales. If the initial steps in the sales process - sales lead generation, prospecting and qualifying - can be effectively accomplished by using a pipeline already provided instead of having to grow it, businesses can save real money and free their salespeople up to be more productive. This is true even if more marketing contacts are needed to get the job done.

“You have to spend money to make money. And while this approach to establishing a pipeline requires an initial upfront investment, it ultimately results in a more cost-effective approach that delivers better results. Not only do qualified leads make a salesperson’s life easier, but they can also result in happier customers in the long-term because expectations were properly set prior to their purchase,” adds Robinson. “Not all sales people are natural cold callers, so this approach also ensures that they can focus on what they do best – closing the deals. It also saves time money as it can often take ages to get hold of clients, and we take the pain out of the process. Rather let us put you in front of the client, quickly and easily.”

So instead of adding more salespeople to knock on more doors, use outsourced lead generation to cost-effectively contact your prospects and fill the sales pipeline with qualified business leads. Doing so will result in more sales-ready opportunities that your salespeople can turn into new business, meaning greater sales revenue and profits for your company.


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