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INFOTECH: Monitors & Display Screens Revolutionise Retail Environment


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Customers today want to feel special when they go shopping. They want immediate access to information, they want a personal experience, they want live promotions and demonstrations and they want touch screen experiences to locate information and avoid shopping queues. “These are just some of the ways that monitors and display screens are revolutionising the retail environment,” says Chris Barnes, Product Manager of HP PSG Desktops, Monitors and Value at AxizWorkgroup. “Technology has evolved to such an extent that retailers are now able to capture customers’ attention in ways never done before,” says Barnes.

“The traditional monitor has evolved from a simple one-size-fits-all solution to a highly capable and sleek visual solution. The latest in touch screen technology virtually renders a keyboard and mouse as non-essential, providing more than just hands-on appeal. The technology contained in this new generation of monitors delivers broad colour support, rich visual quality and consistent results with over one billion active colours, which is 64 times the colours supported by a traditional LCD screen,” says Barnes.

Monitors are also becoming more hardened and reliable than TV screens. “The new generation monitor is built to run twenty-four seven and comes with a three-year warranty. The impressive performance of the monitors to 1920 x 1080 native resolution deliver stunning video, graphics or text in both bright and dim lighting with the latest models coming standard with internet access technology,” explains Barnes.

In the retail market, new retail display systems have a sleek design that effortlessly fits into retail and hospitality environments, either on a counter or mounted on a wall. Retail display screens are being used for advertising and promotional messages, as a self-service kiosk and for employees to load or locate information. They can also be customized for use with a magnetic strip reader, fingerprint reader or webcam. Retail units are also hardened for use in ambient environments with high wear and tear and protection against dust and spills in high traffic environments.

Digital signage displays (DSD) have also experienced technology upgrades making them slimmer and smarter. New technology enables clients to just plug in a flash drive containing pictures, movies or music straight into the DSD and enjoy dynamic advertising right from the display. This is perfect for users who need a basic digital signage display and player with the ability to manage them from one location, with no PC required and no software to install. DSD’s are also becoming thinner, creating a more contemporary atmosphere and enabling a more natural image when tiled in video wall installations. New DSD’s also offer enhancements in digital connectivity and network management with the addition of an Ethernet port and HP NetworkSign Manager Software which enable centralised management of displays from a single source. This is perfect for businesses with numerous connected DSD’s in different locations such as stores, lobbies, offices and terminals.

The new HP RP7 Retail System, Model 7800 will be released in September. This is the next generation all-in-one retail solution from HP. It is sleek and stylish and able to effortlessly integrate into your current environment. HP’s LD4210 and LD 4710 LCD Digital Signage Displays are thinner, smarter and more connected for improved, full-featured, attractive and engaging digital signage solutions.

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