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INFOTECH: Safe, Safer, Safest


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Kaspersky Lab’s range of Anti-Virus and Internet Security software offers real-time protection from all Internet threats, and the 2013 range of products has built on this solid foundation to offer even better security. According to Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution, Kaspersky’s premier distribution partner in South Africa, this latest release offers new features in addition to various enhancements, ensuring that all Kaspersky users can surf the Web and perform electronic transactions with complete peace of mind.

“Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 provides new technology for combating malicious exploits, which exploit software vulnerabilities to attack your computer, and ensures much better considerably security during financial transactions with the new SafeMoney technology,” he explains. “The new technologies and protection modules offered, as well as the improvements on the existing features, make this the most reliable security software on the market.”

With phishing, spam and banking Trojans on the increase, Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 ensures that users can transact safely at all times – whether it’s online banking, payment systems such as PayPal and WebMoney, or shopping online. In addition to the protection offered by SafeMoney, the software suite provides Secure Keyboard technology, which protects personal data entered via a physical keyboard. While developing the latest iteration of the security suite, Kaspersky analysed existing threats – in particular, banking Trojans – and developed these mechanisms to protect personal information against theft during online financial operation.

“If an attempt is made to enter an online banking system, bank Website or payment system personal account, Kaspersky Internet Security verifies that the request goes to the genuine site of the bank or payment system. This is checked against an updatable list of sites in the product, and the software also offers to open the website in Safe Money mode to protect your personal data against theft,” says Campbell-Young. “Because it restricts how other programs and processes can access data transferred in Safe Money mode, this helps to ensure protection of your personal data against theft. In this day and age, technology like this is essential as online criminals increasingly target Internet banking users.”

In addition, Kaspersky Lab has made the software even easier to use. To speed up the update process, Kaspersky has transferred parts of its antivirus databases into the cloud helping to significantly reduce the volume of downloaded traffic. The security suite also reduces battery drain on a laptop by postponing resource-intensive tasks, increasing the battery life. “And the process of downloading and installing the product is better than ever, with the addition of a dedicated Web Installer,” Campbell-Young adds.

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