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MARKETING : Inverted Marketing- the Capitalist Strategy


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We’ve all heard it said that people buy from people and this remains hard to contest. Your strongest line of marketing and defense lies in the voices of receptionists, reps, credit controllers, counter sales, security personnel, truck drivers etc, all those that daily deal with your customer. So naturally if you have motivated staff the consequence is service excellence. This reality unfortunately is taken very lightly. Every single staff member is a voice of Marketing, to his friends his family and the world around him. It’s the old pyramid discipleship story. This we all know but what do you do about it‘ The Capitalist regime dictates you can’t pay them more.

Driving a man to do something is never nearly as effective as when he chooses to do it in fact it aggravates the adverse.

Turn Your Marketing Strategy Towards Your Own People

I propose an inverted Marketing Strategy. Take your Marketing budget and turn it to your people. Focus on the internal service excellence from deliveries right through the admin, sales and supply chains. As a staff member when itÂ’s easy to get information and a joy to deal with the production manager at the head office you speedily and with a smile on your face get information through to your sales teams and customers.

So what do you spend your Marketing budget on‘ Every company has a different set of people with different needs so for your staff community you would have to find the right key to motivation. The aim is not to just spend money on team building exercises which often seems fain but to inspire a culture of service excellence between staff members. The fruit of this will automatically be expounded service excellence to your market. I say it again, expounded.

A Long Term, Profit Guaranteed Marketing Idea

The thing that the Capitalist (all of us) always forgets is the simple fact of life that every action has a consequence and what you sow is what you reap. Anyone who denies this reality should also give up believing in gravity. Think about yourself and what motivates you. Can you truly say that the monetary reward is enough to drive you‘ Permanently‘ It is a short term motivation. I’m saying if where I spend 9 to 12 hours a day is an environment of respect and cooperation then giving my best to the customer is an expounded fact. The marketing idea is long term growth vs short spurts of profit. If people don’t grow they die and as much as the Capitalist cares not for this he should care for the fact that he is generating 10% of what he could. People motivated among each other through good marketing, and by more than money will grow companies exponentially.


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