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MENTORSHIP: The Vuka Mentorship Programme Helps Survivalist Entrepreneu


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The Vuka Mentorship Programme, which is a structured enterprise development initiative, is helping to change this situation by assisting corporate companies in cultivating Small, Medium and Micro EnterpriseÂ’s that can supply products or services within their local communities.

Survivalist entrepreneurs are a crucial element of South AfricaÂ’s economic development aspirations, as they represent a significant portion of the emerging Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) market in the country.

However, the growth and development of these survivalist entrepreneurs businesses is currently being stifled, as many of them do not understand the broader ideas that are required for enterprise sustainability, and have a narrow and short term view of business development. The Vuka Mentorship Programme aims to change that.

The Vuka Mentorship Programme Expands Supplier Base of Corporate Companies

Sharon Reed, CEO of Neosho119, which runs the Vuka Mentorship Programmeexplains further.

“Through a structured, verifiable and measured approach, The Vuka Mentorship Programme is engaging with corporate businesses to help numerous survivalist entrepreneurs shift their business mindset and implement measures which will make their enterprises more sustainable. Subsequently, the Vuka Mentorship Programme is helping to significantly grow the community supplier base of corporate companies.”

Through various corporate partnerships, including Nedbank and the Gauteng Province, the programme has already reached over 2,400 aspiring survivalist entrepreneurs in the past year.

Nonhlanhla Nocobo, one of the entrepreneurs currently participating in the Vuka Mentorship Programme, notes; “The Vuka Mentorship Programme has taught me to not solely focus on the development of my product, but to examine the market more holistically. Subsequently, this has allowed me to gain a broader understanding of my market’s demands, and offer a service which better meets these needs.”

Another survivalist entrepreneur who has participated in the programme, Sylvester Falata, adds: “Through participating in the Vuka Mentorship Programme, my business goals have shifted from just wanting to make money at the end of the month, to aspiring to grow a sustainable business that will contribute to job creation within my own community.”

The Vuka Mentorship Programme- An Auditable Process

Reed notes that corporate companies who participate in The Vuka Mentorship Programmeare assured that their BEE goals will be furthered, owing to the ProgrammeÂ’s auditable process.

“We’re currently the only mentorship programme in South Africa to provide a verified audited trial when BEE rating agency, Empowerdex asks for documentation. This service allows the rating agency, host company, and mentor to track progress of the mentored companies.

“Therefore, I believe that The Vuka Mentorship Programme is one of the few ways that corporate companies can ensure that their BEE spend is not wasted and will assist in furthering South Africa’s transformation objectives and grow sustainable entrepreneurs.” .

She concludes that corporate companies partnering with the Vuka Mentorship Programmeare also assured of making a difference to South AfricaÂ’s long term development.

“The Vuka Mentorship Programme has the requisite tools to identify entrepreneurs with business potential, assess their business ideas, and mentor them towards creating sustainable wealth. Therefore, through partnering with us, corporate companies can contribute significantly towards growing South Africa’s economic base through helping to develop sustainable entrepreneurs.”


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