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ECOMMERCE: Vaimo to Boost SA ECommerce


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Specialist eCommerce software solution provider VaimoÂ’s entrance into the South African market means that local businesses will be able to exploit the full power of eBayÂ’s sophisticated eCommerce platform, Magento.

eBay – best known for its self-titled online marketplace and payment platform PayPal – acquired the creators of the open source solution last year to form X.commerce, its new integrated, open commerce platform group. Hardly surprising given that Magento is the world’s fastest growing eCommerce platform.

Vaimo is one of MagentoÂ’s top solution providers and the only organisation in South Africa to carry gold certification. This level of certification is reserved for relationships considered particularly strategic to Magento. It also means local businesses can be assured that its offerings go beyond simply enabling transaction-capability.

Online Retail Strategies

The number of local businesses revisiting their online strategies is increasing exponentially, says Vaimo COO Brendan Peo.

“The growth rate in online retail sales is impossible to ignore, particularly in the current economic environment. Wherever you go you see traditional sales channels buckling under the pressure, their numbers slowing to a crawl. In contrast, the online environment is booming, delivering double digit growth even in mature eCommerce environments such as the USA (2011 – 13%) and Europe (2011 – 18%). Emerging eCommerce environments are even more promising; South Africa’s online retail sales numbers grew 30% in 2011 and we expect these numbers to grow by upwards of 35% in 2012 to R3.5 billion,” he explains.

What’s more, there has been a distinct shift in corporate evaluation of the internet’s strategic value, says Peo: “Historically senior management focused on the traditional channels which produced the majority of the revenue. The online environment, offering significantly less of a revenue stream, was placed in the relegation zone if it featured on the priority list at all. However, companies are now recognising that the internet’s influence on corporate and consumer purchasing decisions – whether concluded online or in-store – is considerable resulting in noticeable changes in purchasing patterns and behaviour. Buyers turn to the web to establish which product meets their needs best, who has stock available and at what price. The internet is not simply another revenue channel; it is an essential support mechanism for the traditional money makers.”

Businesses looking to plug any gaps in their online presence and take advantage of the growing number of buyers completing their transactions online have often found the project to be riddled with obstacles and short on solutions.

Says Peo: “Players in this field tend to originate from one of two disciplines: design or business process orientated forcing the customer to choose one at the cost of the other. The result is an online environment that fails to measure up to expectations.”

Vaimo Understanding the Needs of Businesses

Vaimo, however, has its foundations in eCommerce, drawing in the expertise from a variety of disciplines to create solutions that speak to the needs of the business. The companyÂ’s solutions address the difficulty of standing out from the online crowd; delivering a personalised experience in a digital world; and getting your internet and brick-and-mortar operations to speak the same language. Built in and around MagentoÂ’s open source platform VaimoÂ’s solutions are easy to use and quick to deploy delivering on customer requirements at a fraction of the cost and time commonly experienced with proprietary eCommerce solutions.

Additionally, the solutions are configured to integrate seamlessly into a wide range of popular business systems including SAP B1, Microsoft Dynamics, Hansaworld Enterprise, Sage X3 and others.

The companyÂ’s arrival in the local market has already generated considerable interest, says Peo, from businesses seeking a solution to their eCommerce aspirations as well as ICT providers looking to expand their portfolios and online solution providers looking to boost the effectiveness of their own offerings.


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