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INFOTECH: Logikal Consulting Adds IBM to Portfolio


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Specialist systems integrator Logikal Consulting has added to its already comprehensive portfolio of business intelligence and data management products with IBM software for business data warehousing. According to Gerald Naidoo, the company’s CEO, the addition of the IBM solution to Logikal Consulting’s product made perfect sense. “We specialise in bringing BI and business optimisation technologies to the very heart of any corporation’s operational environment, and the IBM software fills a vital niche. This is the most comprehensive data warehouse solution in the industry; providing companies with all of the capabilities necessary to glean maximum return from their most important investment - their information.”

The scale of data is exploding. According to IDC, over the next five years structured data (the traditional row-and-column information contained in relational databases) will grow at a 20+% rate over the next five years. However, unstructured data will grow at a 60% compounded rate during the same time frame. This results in structured data storage requirements doubling, while unstructured data storage requirements will increase seven-fold.

IBM Data Warehouse Key to Logikal Consulting Business Intelligence

Naidoo points out that while data is the life blood of any organisation, the frequency of uploads to data warehouse and ODS databases means the amount of data being stored can dramatically change. “Tens of terabytes to hundreds of terabytes are not unusual storage requirements for data warehouses supporting operational BI. This growth rate is likely to accelerate given new and evolving information generating technologies including smart phones, RFID tags, sensor networks, and web information,” he says. “The increase in data volumes means that scalability is now a mandatory requirement for data warehouse technology. Seamless scalability has been achieved through numerous innovations found in IBM’s warehouse offerings.”

He adds that while the traditional BI and data warehouse architecture has served us well for nearly twenty years, it is beginning to strain to cope with these new operational BI requirements. Pervasive integration technologies like SOA and Web 2.0 are creating a new IT environment, forcing BI to fundamentally transform itself to meet higher user expectations for complete business integration.

“Fortunately, tools and techniques like those in the IBM solution are emerging. Today’s organisations demand that decision makers have fast access to data captured by their operational systems. Analysis of data warehouse information created from operational data drives better decisions, reduces risk, improves efficiency and saves time. It is now more critical than ever that all people across the enterprise have insight into business data, so companies can derive further value by applying this solution,” he says.

IBM’s Data Warehouse the Perfect Fit for Logikal Consulting

Too much data can slow application and reporting performance and tax IT resources. IBM’s data warehousing software gives users the ability to interrogate data by intuitively navigating from summary to detail data, while managing data loads effectively. “It quickly delivers information and insight, while minimising total cost of ownership (TCO), delivering an identifiable return on investment (ROI) and offering easy administration for Logikal Consulting,” Naidoo concludes.

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