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MONEY: Finding Financial Fulfillment


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Balancing financial fulfillment and wellbeing with the things we want to achieve and the legacy we want to leave behind for the next generation is becoming increasingly challenging, and very few people seem to have discovered a means of creating sustainable wealth while living happy fulfilling lives.

For most, one or both of these goals will always remain elusive, resulting in the misperception that they cannot be enjoyed simultaneously. Allan Heynen, BDO Wealth Advisers MD, believes that this shouldn’t be the case. Heynen says that discovering your own unique path to equilibrium has to do with understanding your personal philosophy on money – and ultimately determining your own definition of how much is enough.

Heynen questions exactly how much money is ‘enough’ for you to live a happy, contented and fulfilling life. “Quantifying and defining such ‘amounts’ seems like an impossible task most of the time, usually because they’re inextricably linked to others and their perceptions of us, as opposed to our own dreams and desires.”

Finding Financial Fulfillment – Making the Right Decisions

Heynen believes that to develop your own philosophy on money, the process will require grappling with a number of issues including looking at what influences your investment and money related decisions.

“These will be heavily impacted upon by your circumstances, emotions and beliefs. They will also be a direct reflection of your values and goals and philosophy on life. To understand and possibly challenge their influence, you need to know and understand all of the above.”

Some vital considerations are everyday choices made seemingly without thinking: how you relax and unwind; who you spend your time with; what you spend your money on. Heynen continues “Before rushing into your next ‘experience’ and booking an expensive overseas holiday or ‘investing’ in the latest iPad, iPod or iPhone, its worth questioning both the motivation behind the choice and the expectation of the satisfaction this experience will bring. In so doing, you’ll possibly be surprised to discover the dotted line you’ve created for yourself between ‘spending money’ and ‘happiness’.”

Finding Financial Fulfillment – Understanding Your Money Relationship

By increasing awareness of the relationship and perceived dependency between money and happiness it will become easier to be critical regarding the experiences chosen for you – and will probably result in an increase in savings.

Says Heynen: “Another key question to ask is: ‘What makes me happy‘’ When last did you do something or spend time on something that made you really happy‘ You’ll be amazed to see how many of the answers don’t relate to money but have to do with where and with whom you spend your time.”

“They will also highlight how little time you probably spend on things that make you happy, and how much of your time is taken up focusing on the past and future – causing you to miss out on the rich experiences of ‘now’. By becoming more consciously aware of your beliefs and values, the experiences you choose and what makes you happy, you’ll discover that you’re that much closer to deciding ‘how much is enough’ for you. Although this will initially require time and thought on your behalf, you’ll be surprised how starting to understand your philosophy on life and money will influence your choices and corresponding financial behavior. Ultimately helping you discover the true path to wealth and personal wellbeing for your financial fulfillment.” Heynen concludes.


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