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HR: PPO Backs Davis&Dean Internship Programme


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Local project management solution provider, Post Vision Technology is throwing its support behind an innovative project management internship programme established by local rapid skills development company, Davis and Dean. Focusing on curtailing the South African skills shortage, the programme aims to prepare unemployed graduates for intern placement with companies in need of project management skills.

According to Louis Botha of Davis and Dean, the programme can also benefit the country by addressing unemployment, improving the marketability of graduates and boosting productivity. “Interns follow a rigorous six-week programme, with the first phase covering 11 practical theory areas within project management – from project scoping to closure. The second phase entails an advanced virtual workplace simulation, where this embedded knowledge is put to the test.

“Next, learners undergo skills training, create a reference portfolio, which will be used as a CV moving forward, and are selected by registered organisations to begin their internships, which typically last for 12 months. During this time, they develop a portfolio of evidence by managing or participating in a work-based project for the company. Finally, our interns complete the Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam.”

More Understanding Key to Project Management Skills

Botha maintains that one of the major issues within the project management skills development industry is that, while learners may successfully complete their training and are keen to apply their new knowledge in the workplace, they often do not have the correct tools and processes to carry this through.

“This is where Post Vision Technology’s Project Portfolio Office (PPO) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) project management solution plays a critical role in the Davis and Dean offering. As part of the advanced project management simulation phase, students are exposed to PPO. Then, post graduation, they are equipped with a laptop loaded with software, including PPO, providing them with the correct tools and processes to practice project management within the workplace.”

Project Management Remote Mentorship New to Davis and Dean

By using PPO as a collaboration and workflow tool, students also have the advantage of remote mentorship by Davis and Dean during their internship, where the organisation oversees quality of work, coaching and guiding as required.

Guy Jelley, Post Vision Technology CEO, states that, as a South African company, Post Vision Technology is always on the look-out for opportunities that would not only contribute to local empowerment, but also help develop project management skills in the country.

“The Davis and Dean internship programme is a fantastic initiative for us to support as it provides a ‘deeper’ learning experience, which translates into immediate job skills, enhances ongoing life and career goals from the learner’s perspective and also equates to a greater competitive advantage for registered companies.

“The beauty of project management is that it is applicable across all industries, and having this type of mechanism in place will ensure that quality project management skills are continuously being placed within the marketplace. This in turn allows businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively, ultimately boosting the economy,” he explains.

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