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ENERGY : Slurry Pump Engineering for Energy Efficiency


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The locally developed Phoenix alternative slurry pumping technology by International Slurry Pump Solutions (ISPS) was awarded the Energy Newcomer of the Year Award at the Southern African Association for Energy EfficiencyÂ’s (SAEE) Awards Ceremony last night. The Awards Ceremony formed part of the official annual SAEE Banquet which marked the opening of the 6th Southern African Energy Efficiency Convention (SAEEC2011) and Exhibition on the 16th of November 2011, held at Emperors Palace, Gauteng.

ISPS innovatively took the old concept of transferring energy from pumped water for alternative use, and packaged the concept for slurry pumping applications into an energy efficient engineered solution, suitable for mass production.

Slurry Pump Far to Inefficient

The process of slurry pumping is not only energy intensive due to the viscosity and density of the pumped matter being higher than that of water, but the abrasiveness of the slurry causes increased wear and tear on such systems. In addition to this inefficiency causing the process to become energy intensive, the water use and resultant contamination, as well as the energy required to recycle this into potable and usable water again ads to the downside of conventional centrifugal slurry pumping processes. These drawbacks were recognised by the ISPS team and in a collaborative effort a better way of pumping slurry was developed right here in South Africa. The Phoenix Slurry Pump saves energy, water, the environment and significant maintenance requirements. Taking it a step further, ISPS developed the reverse technology which allows the energy in a downhill slurry line to be converted to water energy, which in turn is used to pump water back up the hill – called Energy Exchange; or converting it to electrical energy by means of a turbine – called Energy Recovery. This technology has the potential for global use as millions of choke stations and downhill slurry lines could generate alternative power through this practical implementable solution.

PhoneixÂ’s Answer to the Slurry Pump

Phoenix virtually eliminates most of the frequently maintained wet-end wear parts used in conventional centrifugal pumping. As ample flow and pressure is delivered by a single Phoenix Slurry Pump unit, the need for multiple pumps in-series is eliminated, saving initial investment and installation costs.


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