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ADVERTISING: Why Briefing An Agency is Important


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“The equation is simple, tight written briefs plus passionate briefing of an agency equal engaged agencies, impactful campaigns and strong market results,” according to leading marketers throughout the world and the Independent Agency Search and Selection company in South Africa.

If your role involves marketing communications, then briefing an agency is one of the most important things you do. How you brief determines what you get. This is reflected in agencies having to say rather too often that “clients get work they deserve”.

Briefing an Agency Can Great Communications Campaigns

Do all great communication campaigns come from great briefs‘ No. But chances of getting good if not great work are increased significantly by a brief into which some real thought has been invested.

Marketing communications, be that any of the disciplines of advertising, digital, PR, direct social media, etc, not only involve a substantial financial investment, but have the potential to change the shape of the business, for better or worse. Briefing communications agencies requires the same level of professionalism, attention and thought as any other area of business activity. Just because it involves creativity and ideas does not mean that these qualities are needed less, indeed they are needed more because of the degree of subjectivity involved.

Whether it is a top creative agency or a small local outfit, a major strategic initiative across multiple disciplines or a specialised low value project, the same core principles of good briefing can be applied.

Briefing an Agency – Communicating the Right Away

At its heart itÂ’s about working out what you want and communicating this in a way that gets the right result.

The result of a better brief is that the right work is delivered faster. This can have a dramatic effect on efficiency and on costs. If on average it takes an agency three presentations of work to get to the bought solution imagine the saving in time and cost of reducing that process to an average of two or even getting it right first time.

“Briefing an agency is key as it will produce better results faster and at lower cost. It’s not a business option but a business imperative”, says Johanna McDowell, Managing Director of the IAS.

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