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LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Financial Sustainability a Priority for Municipalities


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With the introduction of GRAP and the 2014 Operation Clean Audit project, the ability of municipalities to successfully maintain financial sustainability with their financial records and billing databases, has become paramount. This was echoed by the Institute of Municipal Finance Officers’ (IMFO) Annual Conference, where the theme was “Financial Sustainability beyond Compliance”.

There clearly is a movement by municipalities to become financially sustainable, which boils down to the performance of their revenue stream. This can be guaranteed with a billing database that clearly and succinctly outlines sources of revenue, which allows for consumers to be charged efficiently.

Many Municipalities Struggle with Financial Sustainability

A number of municipalities are already compliant for the purposes of their annual financial statements but are still not managing to secure all the revenue they are entitled to. This places a strain on their financial sustainability and service delivery. In order to benefit from revenue improvement, the information detailed in these financial reports needs to be mapped out in such a way that a municipality can clearly see any shortcomings.

Smart Metro is a tool that is helping municipalities overcome problems hindering them from improving financial stability. Smart Metro ensures that the municipal data and records are first up to date by using all information sources available and consolidating them into a central database. Then, by using their internationally renowned Geographic Information System (GIS) software and bespoke relational database, information is laid out in such a way that under- and un-billing are clearly exposed.

The Key to Creating Financial Sustainability

By bringing Smart Metro into a municipality, out dated data is something of the past and revenue recovery is the future. With over 30 years of experience in the revenue management industry and a special understanding of municipal data – the Smart Metro system knows what billable revenue should look like and will ensure that this knowledge is transferred into municipalities.

With Smart Metro as your municipal revenue enhancement partner – financial sustainability can become not only a priority, but a reality for your municipality.

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